Sunday Salon – New and Exciting! (Maybe)

In the world’s least bookish news ever, you guys I mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday! I thought it was fun (I’m sure that attitude won’t last long, but for now my husband is happy that I never did this growing up so that it is a novel activity).

And oh! Last Sunday I got my birthday present, the Nook hd, their newest 7″ tablet. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel reading with backlight, but I promptly read a 400+ page ebook in 36 hours. Now I’m reading an egalley that is a pdf – something that was a huuuuge pain in the ass on my 1st generation Nook – and it is amazing since it doesn’t read any differently than an epub (although there is some difference in options, etc). There are things that could improve it – a camera and the full Android app store – but in general (and especially for the price) I love it. I’m actually typing this post on it, although I will probably add pictures later on my laptop. Typing on it is remarkably easy. Holding it in portrait I can type pretty quickly and easily with my thumbs, like texting.

Anyway, here’s what I read this week, all of which were things I bought myself, since I’m supposed to be reading my own books this month:

I sort of want to re-read Mira Grant’s whole Feed series now. I read all of the books so far apart that I know I missed things. Even so it was fabulous! And here’s what I reviewed this week:

I also hosted a BOOK CLUB discussion for The End of Your Life Book Club.

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15 comments to Sunday Salon – New and Exciting! (Maybe)

  • Wow, I can’t believe that was the first time you cut the grass. It will get old quickly, especially when you do it in 100 degree heat. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new tablet!

    • I know, I went 30 years without every doing it. When I was a kid my dad just did it, though. Then Brian and I were in a condo until this spring, when I was pregnant with the girls, then they were so little…

  • I’ve never mowed the lawn. But I haven’t lived anywhere that didn’t have lawn maintenance since I lived with my parents.

    Are those History in an Hour books good?

  • Hm, I’ll have to check out those History in an Hour books. I loved The Sparrow. I have also never mowed the lawn. I’ve considered offering to do it instead of Dan, but haven’t gotten past that… As a good feminist, I feel that I should not use the excuse that I usually do big batch cooking on weekends, but there you have it. Someone has to cook, and I’d rather not eat what Dan would come up with.

  • Congrats on mowing the grass for the first time! I’ve never mowed our lawn before – the mower actually scares me. I think because when I was in high school, one of my friend’s dad lost his big toe in a mower accident. It was totally his fault for stopping the mower on a hill though. Anyway, I’m proud of you!

  • Sonya

    I have never mowed a lawn either. My husband had been taught to mow as a kid but couldn’t get it to work so he never mowed until we moved into the house we are in now. We’ve had lawn maintenance in the form of a landlord for 4 years so we were spoiled. Sadly we are on our own at this rental. Glad to hear good things about the newest Nook. I love my Nook color and I’d upgrade to the new Nook, but I think we are going iPad because of some items my husband wants. They are certainly making some great upgrades with the Nook though.

  • My birthday present (it passed Oct 19th, my husband is a gift-giving delinquent!) will be one of those faux fireplaces that emit heat but don’t need logs or a chimney. My husband found this beautiful one on amazon and I’m so excited about it! We had a fireplace in our den growing up, which my dad used to light every day in the winter and it created so many cosy memories! I think it’ll be wonderful to read in front of the “fire!”

  • I know how to mow grass but my husband is very picky about the way the grass is cut. I very happily leave that task to him :) Never heard of the History in an Hour books…will have to take a look at those! :)

  • Bookmagic

    I never mowed the lawn growing up and when I bought my house, that was my first time. I didn’t mind it, but now I hate it. Partly because I have an electric lawnmower (I don’t like the idea of having gas around my house, I’m accident prone), also because I hate all yardwork. Luckily I live in the city, in the suburbs you have to mow every 4 days or they come to your house with torches. I can get away with mowing once a month,lol.

    I’m getting my first tablet- Kindle Fire 8.9 tomorrow and I’m so excited

  • I’ve been curious about those History in an Hour books…I’m going to have to check that out :)

  • I wish my Kindle had a backlight. You’re lucky!

  • I might have to try a History in an Hour book, and see how they are on subjects I don’t know much on.

    Modern back lit screens on the tablets and smartphones aren’t anywhere like older computer monitors. I’ve probably read 8 hours in a day on my Nook Color and feel no effect from it.