Changeless by Gail Carriger – Book Review

Changeless by Gail Carriger
Published by Orbit, an imprint of Hachette

This is the second book in the Parasol Protectorate series, I have previously reviewed the first book, Soulless.

Just because Alexia is now the Lady Woolsey, wife of Conall Maccon, Earl of Woolsey, doesn’t mean that Conall necessarily bothers to tell her much of anything. When Conall marches out of the house yelling at the top of his lungs, he neglects to tell Alexia anything that is going on, leaving her to discover for herself the regiment of werewolves camped out on their front lawn. In addition to the soldiers, it seems that the British Isles have suddenly been plagued by something that is negating the powers of supernaturals, including exorcising ghosts. As an adviser to Queen Victoria, Alexia is tasked with uncovering the secret behind why everyone is Changeless.

I thoroughly enjoyed Soulless, the first book in this series. Changeless, however, held a bit less magic for me. Part of the issue, I think, is the lack of interplay between Conall and Alexia. The two spend much of the novel apart, and the frolicking fun of Soulless, which depended so much on their tumultuous relationship, is much less evident in Changeless.

Overall, Changeless just really failed to grab me. For most of the book I was planning to give up on the series here, although some events at the end of the book do have me tempted to go on to Blameless. Still, I think I need some convincing from those who have read this series as to whether or not it is worth continuing.

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5 comments to Changeless by Gail Carriger – Book Review

  • I have always been interested in these books so I very much appreciate your thoughts. Sounds like I should absolutely read Soulless no matter what.

  • I definitely think it is worth finishing the series…I powered through all five books one or two months ago and taken as a whole I thought they were a lot of fun. :)

  • Yeah, I keep picking up Blameless, but never really getting into it… I think I might not be a fan of the series. I did really like book 1, though!

  • It’s always so disappointing when the sequel doesn’t live up to the first book. Still I think I would like to give this series a shot. Sounds like my kind of read

  • It gets better. ‘Changeless’ is the weakest book in the series. Now, for about the first half of ‘Blameless’ you’ll want to stomp Lord Maccon because he’s being such a total ass, but it does come around. The last two books are much better.