The Sunday Salon – Miscellaneous and Sundry 9/16/12

Well, the girls got up at 5am today to eat but instead of going back to sleep, as they normally would, they both stayed up until about 7. Since Daniel typically gets up between 6:30 and 7;30 these days I figured I might as well get up myself. Well, here it is nearly 8:30 and he’s still asleep. Of course. On the plus side, I was able to sweep and mop the family room and I have a quiet house in which to write today’s Sunday Salon.

Sadly, it appears that I missed Book Blogger’s Appreciation Week this past week. I have loved the event in the past, but it sort of snuck up on me this year. I already had reviews scheduled for this week, and no time to try to write additional posts between some freelance work and, well, two babies and a toddler. Hopefully next year! Actually, the next blogging event I’m hoping to actually be able to participate in, at least partly, is the 24 Hour Readathon (not all 24 hours, obviously, babies!). They just announced that the fall date is October 13th. I believe this is the first readathon since fall 2009 that does not conflict with travel or a family obligation, so I’m hopeful.

Besides, I need to finish up a few extra books in October, because I’m hoping to join Michelle in reading my own books in November. She’s planning on reading her own books for the whole last quarter of the year (at least in print). I really like to take December to alternate between catching up and getting ahead and I know I can’t be ready to do that by October, so I’m going to attempt to join her just for November. Other than books for freelance assignments, I’m planning to only read my own print and ebooks. I haven’t totally decided about audio, but I may exempt that from this experiment.

This week I also figured out that I actually completed the one reading challenge I signed up for this year! What’s in a Name has six categories and asks you to find, read, and review six books, one which fits in each. Turns out I actually finished the challenge in April (or May, if you count when all of the reviews were posted), I just didn’t know until now. Here are the categories and what I read for each of them:

My reading was going really slowly this week, and then BAM! I finished three books in three days, one of which I actually finished in the evening after just starting it that afternoon:

And here’s what I reviewed (wow, this week really shows my eclectic reading nature, both in reading and in reviewing):

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