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So, last Friday I got my flu shot. The girls won’t be 6 months and able to get flu shots until January, so we all have to get ours so we can try to keep them from getting the flu. Of course, having my immune system have to deal with the flu shot made me finally give in to my husband’s two week long cold. YAY. This cold was an ass-kicker, I was half dead on Wednesday and Thursday. Over those two days, though, I drank nearly a gallon of fresh-squeezed orange juice and ate a bunch of food with vitamin C, so by Friday I was feeling much better. I’m still a bit congested and my ears are a little stuffed up (currently I have one ear that is totally clear and one that is totally stuffed, SO DISCONCERTING). This cold killed me to the extent that I was basically completely unable to write – oh my goodness, SO BEHIND on reviews, I had to move up reviews from next week for Thursday and Friday because I couldn’t finish writing those – which at least meant I did a fair amount of reading.

At least in the midst of being sick my babies were being adorable:

Trying to roll over, but SOMETHING is in my way


The other plus is that I read a lot of really good books this week. I wasn’t totally crazy about the audio I finished, but all the rest were good. The one that most surprised me was Molly Ringwald’s book, When It Happens To You. I figured it was one of those things where she gets a contract because she is famous, but this book is the real deal, people.  Anyway, here’s what I finished:

And here’s what I reviewed this week (even if I hadn’t planned on all of it coming this week…):

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