The Sunday Salon – Hungry Babies

The beginning of this week was busy with the kids. The girls had their one month check-up (they weight 60% more than their first post-hospital check-up!) on Tuesday, then on Wednesday Elizabeth had to go to the hospital for an ultrasound of her hip since she was born breech (the hip is totally fine).  Both appointments were smack in the middle of the day which, when you’re trying to get two infants ready to go and then home again, means they basically took up the entire day.

Hungry zombie babies eat one another

Despite reading more slowly than I’m used to, I’m suddenly 10 or 11 reviews behind again, even though I was completely caught up when the girls were born and the beginning of the week wasn’t conducive to either writing or reading. I’m actually writing this on Saturday night and it is practically the first time all week I’ve had time to write. We haven’t had much to do this second half of the week, but the girls seem to be going through a growth spurt and are eating constantly for at least half of each day, generally in the evening when I tend to do my best writing. The upside of this is that I got a ton of reading done. The first book I finished this week took me nearly a week to read, but then over 36 hours I finished the second half of another book, plus started and finished two complete other books. Here’s what I finished:

And here’s what I reviewed this week:

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9 comments to The Sunday Salon – Hungry Babies

  • I think that it sounds like you are doing amazing considering you have two infants and a little guy as well :) That can’t be easy! Hope you have a great week!

  • Michelle

    I am finding that the reading is coming much more easily than the writing as well. We need go figure out how to write while nursing I think. Talk to text?

    • I’ve thought about dictating into my phone so the writing part is just quick transcription, but I process and think better writing.With Daniel reading was easier initially, but then once he want always being held reading got hard and writing easier.

  • Wow, don’t know how you do it with three little ones! That pic is so cute and original. Your zombie comment had me cracking up!

  • Are you nursing both girls? If so, brava to you and I don’t know how you have time to do ANYTHING else!
    My daughter just read Liar & Spy but she didn’t give me the run down on it yet. We both absolutely loved When You Reach Me, so I’m looking forward to that one.
    Congrats on keeping those adorable girls fat and healthy!

  • You’re doing a lot! Glad the check-up went well. Look forward to your reviews of Coplin & Gregory.

  • Oh, look, you had more babies!! (I’ve been out of the loop for ages, clearly). Belated congratulations! I used to love the nursing time because it meant I could read–glad that’s working out for you so far with nursing two at once. They are so sweet, and Daniel is so grown up–doesn’t he look suddenly huge next to the tiny ones?