Sunday Salon 8-26-12

I feel like I should have read more this week because we didn’t have a lot of STUFF going on (you know, other than just having 3 kids around the house), but somehow it just didn’t happen. What did happen was lots of writing, though. I was pretty far behind on reviews at the end of week, and now I’m basically caught up on everything other than what I finished this week. Of course, now I’ve received a set of freelance assignments that I’ll probably be writing of the next week, so I still may not be reading very much – especially since this week will be my first extended period with all three kids while my husband is out of town (conveniently scheduled for the week my parents are leaving and my mother-in-law is back in school). So, yeah. May actually not be getting much of ANYTHING done – although I’d better learn how to get things done, because this is going to be a weekly occurence for the next few months.

As for now, we’re off for a family photo shoot (which means I may have some cute kid pictures for you soon!). Maybe I can get a little audiobook listening in afterwards when I inventory the fridge and pantry to figure out what I need to buy before going to the store means necessarily taking a toddler and two infants with me.

Here’s what I did manage to read this week:

And what I reviewed:

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