TSS: The Last Day

So…tonight I’m heading into the hospital to have these babies. They’ll be induced tomorrow morning, so you are all quite close to seeing baby and nursery pictures! I still have quite a few things to do today, so I’ll keep this fairly short. On the plus side, my house is clean and organized thanks to my sister, parents, and inlaws, who were all here yesterday getting last minute things set up, hanging pictures, helping me FINALLY get books put away (yay!), and giving everything a good cleaning before the girls come home.

You would think that since I haven’t worked for the past three weeks I would have had plenty of time to get everything remaining dealt with and then have plenty of reading time, but somehow that seems not to have been the case. Here’s what I finished this week:

On the blog this week I talked about what the girls will mean for my posting here and shared my new list of to-be-listened from Audiobook Week. In addition to those posts, I also posted two reviews:

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