TSS: Slightly Sleep-Deprived Edition

Well, this was our first whole week home with the girls, and it went well. They’re very sweet and currently sleep a lot – although not always at night, like last night when they decided that 10:00-12:30 was a good time to be awake. Daniel’s slightly jealous, but mostly getting along really well with his sisters and wanting to hold them ALL THE TIME. Our parade of people coming to see them is starting now, too, this weekend was my grandparents and aunt.

Daniel holding a sister

Perhaps surprisingly, I have actually been reading, although still almost exclusively on my Nook. I did start The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns by Margaret Dilloway in print and The Legacy in audio, but I haven’t gotten terribly far in either, the Nook is much easier to deal with while feeding babies than print. I have gotten some audio time in on our walks, though. Still, I’m pretty happy with what I finished this week:

I’ll have a review ofRabid up in the next month, but A Dangerous Inheritanceisn’t out until October, so I’ll just have to tell you for now that it is very good.

Here’s what I reviewed this week:

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  • You’re a machine! :) So nice that you can take them for walks. My little one was born in December so we hibernated allot.

  • You’re a brave mom! I didn’t get out and about with my first two very much…I was a little in shock, to tell you the truth, with 2 babies only 16 months apart…and you have two babies with no time apart! Wow! So glad that you’re finding time to read though. I wished Nooks existed when I was nursing…that would have been perfect; I remember feeling like I was strapped to the couch/bed etc. for almost 3 years! I love Alison Weir and this new one slipped by my radar so I’m adding it to the list !

  • What a precious picture! I’m sure that having two little ones is keeping you quite busy but I’m glad that you are able to still find some time to read. I’m sure that it has been quite the adjustment for Daniel to having two new sisters. I’m sure he will be a great big helper for you though :)

  • Glad to hear things are going well, Jen–Daniel looks so sweet holding one of his sisters!

  • Hang in there! You’re doing great.
    I can see that the nook would have made my nursing reading so much easier. I had this elaborate system with the book on a music stand, and successive pages clipped with clothespins. It wasn’t pretty.


  • What a sweet picture of Daniel with his little sister! Glad the reading is going well.

  • Glad things are going well!

  • I think I’m already jealous or Rabid