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So last Sunday night we headed to the hospital to induce labor for our little girls. They made their appearance just before noon on Monday, July 9th about 13 minutes apart. On Tuesday I formally introduced you all to Margaret Louise and Elizabeth Katherine.

For some reason I keep calling Elizabeth by her middle name, Katherine. Perhaps because I’m currently reading Alison Weir’s upcoming novel A Dangerous Inheritance, which has as its main characters Kate Plantagenet, bastard daughter of Richard III, and Lady Katherine Grey, sister of Lady Jane Grey.

Speaking of reading, I actually did more this week than I would have thought. I did a fair amount when I was unable to sleep during the induction Sunday night, finishing a print and an audio book, and I then finished an egalley on my Nook while we were still in the hospital. Ebooks seem to be the only thing I can manage at the moment, for whatever reason, which is too bad, since I started a great audiobook in the hospital, but I haven’t gotten back to it for almost an entire week now. Anyway, here’s what I finished last week:

In addition to introducing you to the girls, I also posted an interview with Kristina Riggle about her new book, Keepsake – and I have a giveaway, too! In addition, I posted reviews of these two books, both wonderful:

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