TSS: A Very Bookish Week

I love those weeks where I finish something in every format in a single day. This week that happened to me two times (Sunday and Friday), plus I finished something I’ve been reading for awhile at work. Thus, I finished ALL THE BOOKS this week. That’s the one advantage of not going to BEA, I guess, lots more reading time. If my ENTIRE personal day on Thursday hadn’t been filled with car stuff (getting a windshield replaced, getting a new driver’s license with my new address, going to two dealerships and buying a new minivan so we can actually fit 3 car seats in a single car, etc), who knows how many books I might have finished?!?

If you were wandering Javitts for BEA or were busy with Armchair BEA, you should check out some of this week’s reviews, because I reviewed some great books this week:

And here’s what I finished:

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