Grace Among Thieves by Julie Hyzy – Book Review

Grace Among Thieves by Julie Hyzy
Published by Berkley, an imprint of Penguin

The third book in the Manor House Mystery series, please see my review of the previous books in the series, Grace Under Pressure and Grace Interrupted.

Life at Marshfield Manor is always eventful – at least since Grace has been there. The latest thing she must contend with is a series of small thefts, which coincide with the film crew which is shooting Marshfield for a promotional video. Grace has been warned by a former professor who also works at a private museum that they had similar small thefts, followed by a devastatingly large one, but as of now nobody at Marshfield has any real concrete clues as to who might be responsible. That something is very wrong can no longer be ignored, though, when two guests are shot during a tour, after being lured into a stairwell by someone dressed as a museum employee. The female guest is killed, but the man, Mark, is only injured, and something of a romance sparks between him and Grace as she attempts to rectify the situation and solve the mystery – a mystery that seems to have placed her directly in danger.

In Grace Among Thieves, Grace has just the perfect amount of romantic drama in her life, to balance the work drama she has at Marshfield. Jake is still out of the picture, after the drama at the end of Grace Interrupted, and the town rumor mill suggests that he is dating an ex-girlfriend. Of course, Grace now has Mark, but he’s from Colorado, and only in town temporarily, however attracted to her he seems to be.

The mystery of who is behind the thefts and shootings at Marshfield is also perhaps the best of the Manor House Mystery series. For the first time in this series, I was fairly certain of at least one culprit well before the end of the book, but in this case that was actually instrumental to the thrill of the book. Grace and her inability to see the danger around her put me on the edge of my seat more than once, and caused me to read the last 1/3 of Grace Among Thieves in a giant gulp.

This series continues to be strong, as well as fun. Recommended.

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  • I have two of the books in the White House series but haven’t read them yet. I may have to remmeber this series if I like the other one.