TSS: Hanging Out

I expected the be getting LOTS of audiobook time in this weekend, cleaning and moving into our new house. We had our closing on Friday, but one last document was wrong that has to be corrected with both our lender and the county, so the title company couldn’t disburse the funds yet and we won’t get the keys until that is straightened out on Monday – luckily we only have to pick up the keys, no more papers to sign. So this was one last (print) reading weekend, plus a baby shower and a massage. Other than those few things, though, I’m trying to get as much reading and writing done as I can today, before I move on to cleaning and audiobooking.

Speaking of reading, here’s what I finished in the last week:

In addition to posting my April 2012 Reading Wrap-up, which had way more picks of the month than should probably be allowed, I also reviewed the following books:

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