TSS: Be it Ever so Humble

So we fiiiinally got our house this week! Hooray! We aren’t actually living there yet, we’ve been doing some serious cleaning (because, seriously, I’m not sure that these people EVER DID) and we moved over all the stuff that was boxed up in my inlaws’s garage and basement. Luckily the move went smoothly, even though the weather threatened to derail it. Here are a few exterior pictures for you all:

Front of the house, from the driveway

Daniel's favorite part of the house: the tire swing

View from the back porch

This week we’ll keep cleaning and putting stuff away, and then move over with the rest of our stuff next weekend. Next week should have ALL THE AUDIOBOOKING with the unpacking. This week I was actually surprised just how much reading I squeezed in. After getting home from work and cleaning I just collapsed on the bed with a book for a couple of hours, and then typically fell asleep with the light on and the book in hand (plus there was all that reading time before we actually got the keys early this week). Here’s what I finished:

And here’s what I reviewed this week:

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14 comments to TSS: Be it Ever so Humble

  • Congratulations!!!!!! Yay – so excited for you and the new house (hence all the exclamation points :-) And seriously, you rock in the reading (and cleaning) depratment. Hope you have another wonderful week – oh and Happy Mommas Day :-)

  • Congrats on your new home! That is so exciting :-)

  • I’m impressed with the amount of reading you have been able to do in addition to all the cleaning. Seriously, that is just awful that the previous owners left the house in such a state for you. But, soon enough, the house will be HOME. So happy for you!

  • Amy

    Congratulations, Jen! And Happy Mother’s Day!

    That’s a beautiful view from your back porch! Love it and the fact that you have a back porch, almost a necessity with a house (imho!) Looks like you have a nice front porch, too and a fantastic tire swing for Daniel! The house I grew up in and we moved into when I was Daniel’s age came with a similar tire swing that provided my sister and I hours of enjoyment and kept us out of mom’s hair!
    Cleaning is a drag but it’s a great way to celebrate your new house and make it your own!

    As usual you had a wonderful week of reading! – All Women and Springtime is high on my list as are several of the books you reviewed last week…Year of the Gadfly and The Uninvited Guests, which I’ll be reviewing for TLC Books in a few weekks. I am behind on reading posts so I’m going to read your week of reviews!

    Enjoy your day!

  • Wow, you did get in a lot of reading! Happy Mother’s Day! I can’t believe Daniel is big enough for that tire swing.

  • Congratulations! The house and the property look lovely!

  • Congrats on getting into your house!!!

  • Congrats on your new place! The view is lovely. I saw Jane Maas speak in Tucson this year and she was so entertaining! I haven’t read her book yet though, so I’m curious to see what you thought.

  • Congrats on the new place! I can’t wait to read Gadfly. . . and I just downloaded the audiobook for Jacobs’ book. I am not sure what I’ll think of listening to my books, but I am training for a half marathon and thought I’d give it a shot book-style!

  • That house looks amazing!!! I hope you’ll share some interior photos once you’re finished cleaning and unpacking. :) Looks so awesome, so far. I am jealous of that back porch!

  • Yea!!! Can’t wait to see more house photos. It looks fantastic. Congratulations!

  • Finally made it over to look at the pictures of your house! Looks amazing. I’m super jealous of that view from the back porch! Hope the moving is going smoothly!

  • Congrats on your house! Lovely view from your back porch! :)