A Bitter Truth by Charles Todd – Book Review

A Bitter Truth by Charles Todd
Published by William Morrow Paperbacks

This is the third book in the Bess Crawford series. I previously reviewed the first two books, A Duty to the Dead  and An Impartial Witness.

Newly home on Christmas leave, Bess finds a woman huddled on her doorstep, a huge bruise spreading across her face. Bess is not one to ignore anyone in trouble, so she invites the woman – Lydia – in and even agrees to return home with her, to act as a buffer between Lydia and her husband. While staying with Lydia’s husband’s family, a family friend also staying at the house is found mysteriously dead after accidentally spilling a huge secret. Suddenly everyone, including Bess, is a suspect and Bess’s involvement in the case could make her a potential victim as well.

Bess always seems to get herself in these situations in a slightly improbable manner and this is no exception, but the plot of A Bitter Truth actually seemed more plausible than the first two. Certainly the appearance of Lydia on Bess’s doorstep is quite coincidental, but Bess’s actions from that point on are all completely in character and believable. Who, when under suspicion for a murder, would not look further to try to clear their own name and determine the true culprit?

The Bess Crawford series continues to be one in which I gobble down each book as I get to it and look forward to the next book. The sad thing is that after the next book, I’ll be all out of Bess for the time being.  Recommended.

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5 comments to A Bitter Truth by Charles Todd – Book Review

  • Hmm…more plausible sounds good since that was my biggest issue with the first book. Still not convinced this series is for me though.

  • I feel the same way – I dive into each book and keep reading, and realize I won’t be able to read at this pace after An Unmarked Grave. Had the same feeling post-the Maisie read along. But don’t worry, we’ll find something to fill the void! :)

  • I haven’t read this yet, but I really must find time for it! I don’t want to wait too long or I won’t read book 4. Then, I must get back to the latest Maisie. After that I have no idea!

    I also think I like the paperback cover better than the hardcover.

  • I enjoyed this one other than the ending, which really affected my overall enjoyment of the book. It’s strange–I don’t tend to mind coincidences so much in general cozy mysteries, and wonder whether it’s the serious tone and vibe of this one that made me a little more critical of the coincidences that stud its pages.