TSS: 4.15.12

This has, by and large, been a really fun week. My parents have been in town, which makes Daniel Super. Excited. Of course, I’m not entirely sure whether he’s more excited about them or their dog being here. Plus, yesterday we went down to my grandparents’ house in Indianapolis for a family baby shower, which means we got to see some people we don’t see very often.

On the other hand, this was a week of terrible, terrible sleep. There were a lot of reasons for this, not all pregnancy-related, lots of things that conspired to wake me up multiple nights this week, but the problem is that with this pregnancy once I really wake up, I can’t go back to sleep, even when it is 2 am and I’ve been asleep for less than 3 hours. So, yeah, that made Tuesday and Wednesday significantly less fun than they might have been otherwise.

Both of these things – the good of family and the bad of sheer exhaustion – meant that I didn’t get much read this week. In fact, I finished one print book last Sunday and not another until Saturday, and I’m not terribly far through either my current print or ebook. I did get through a lot of audio, though, mostly when I was laying awake in the middle of the night. Here’s what I did finish:

At least it was a really good variety, we have an apocalyptic fiction, a classic retelling, historical nonfiction, and women’s fiction. My reviews this week were not quite as varied, but they were close: two contemporary women’s fiction, historical fiction, and awesome zombies:

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6 comments to TSS: 4.15.12

  • It looks like you had a good reading week but that sucks about the lack of sleep. I hope this week goes better for you in that regard!

  • I wonder what pregnant women who don’t listen to audiobooks do in the middle of the night. I got through my audiobook pretty quickly this week for the same reason.

  • I wish I could finish four books in a week. Good job.

  • I literally haven’t watched television in years; but last week, I was super stressed out (physically and psychologically) and having trouble sleeping. I couldn’t focus on either a book or an audiobook and I watched a TV show that I had forgotten that I had DVRed (I’ve been doing this for years: DVRing entire seasons only to delete them unwatched when I want make room for another show I’m interested in!) Anyway, I was shocked that I I immediately went to sleep and slept soundly right up to my last chance alarm! (I also haven’t heard my own alarm in so many years that at first I panicked, not knowing what it was!) I have this theory it neutralized my alpha waves or something, just enough to left me go to sleep :-/

    I hope you find your own solution and that your Tuesdays and Wednesdays will go back to not being less fun :-)