Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green – Audiobook Review

Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green, narrated by Jane Green
Published in audio by Macmillan Audio, published in print by TK


Andi has always wanted a family, to be a mother. When she finally gets married at thirty-seven, she is delighted that her husband Ethan already has children she can love – although she does hope to have one of her own as well. Ethan’s younger daughter, Sophia, is a dream, and Andi can love her as if she was her own. His older daughter, Emily, on the other hand, sees Andi as an interloper come to steal her father, and wants nothing to do with her. In the wake of her parents’ divorce and her father’s remarriage to a woman she hates, Emily has become a holy terror. She breaks curfew, drinks, and does drugs. Unfortunately, she also has her father wrapped around her little finger, so no consequences ever stick to her.

The real crisis for the family comes one night when Emily ends up arrested for underage drinking, and Andi discovers that she is pregnant. It is unlikely Andi will ever have children at this point, so it seems that this might just be the answer she is looking for. Of course, with Emily, nothing is ever easy.

Thoughts on the story:

The entire first section of Another Piece of My Heart is in third person, from Andi’s point of view. Something odd happens in the second section, though. More characters begin to get a voice, including Emily, whose story is told in first person. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book before where a first person narrative was introduced 1/3 of the way into the book, and I must say it confused me, as I thought that Andi was the main character. Eventually, though, it works, because as the story progresses it was equally important that the reader understand Emily’s thought process, and leaving her in third person like everyone else might have made that difficult, subsumed her as a more minor character.

Another Piece of My Heart is incredibly engaging, particularly as Green begins to show the tension between Andi and Emily from both women’s perspectives. Emily continues to come off as a spoiled, petulant brat, but that is less obnoxious as the reader delves deeper into her psyche and understands better just how and why she is so damaged. I do think that it needed better editing, however. Another Piece of My Heart weighs in at 400 pages or almost 14 hours of audio, and it would have only improved the book to have cut out about 50 pages. In addition, Green’s British background showed through from time to time, as her thoroughly American characters occasionally spouted Britishisms that you certainly wouldn’t expect to hear from Californians

Thoughts on the audio production:

It really, really did not work for me to have Green narrate. As authors narrating their own books go, she is not bad, she expressed emotion well, and clearly had a good feel for Another Piece of My Heart, as she wrote it. However, and this is a big however, the book is set in California with an all-American cast. Green is British. It threw me for a loop to have a British accent coming out of the mouths of these Californian characters, it simply didn’t work. It also drew attention to the aforementioned Britisisms in the text. I’m actually not sure I would have noticed them, had I been reading, but hearing them in a British voice caught my attention immediately.


If you’re going to check this out, I would probably recommend print.

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13 comments to Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green – Audiobook Review

  • An accent in an audio book drove me to distraction earlier this year so I get what you’re saying. It’s too bad because I really enjoyed the book in print.

  • I’ve just started Jane Green’s new book, A Patchwork Marriage, my first book written by her. Interesting that she is British but lives in Connecticut right now. The book sounds interesting and I do love British writers and how they use words. Will see how I like her new book!

  • Fantastic review. The accent not matching the setting would annoy me too. I’m going to get back into participating one of these days!

  • The change in voice drove me crazy in this book, particularly as Emily was so so awful. Even as you begin to understand her a bit more, I still didn’t want to hear from her. Anyway, I still enjoyed the book overall, but as you mention I’ve never read a book that gets you so far through the book before switching perspectives.

  • While there are exceptions to my general preference against author-narrators, author reads drive me crazy and, this sounds like a case in point :-/

  • Hi, I’m new to your site, love it, and am just going to jump right in. An accent that “off” would throw me right out of the story. I wonder who thought that was a good idea? I’m not too picky but am learning that I almost always prefer a professional narrator who “acts” out the story without going to far. Too many narrators just read the book monotonously and I find it terribly boring.

  • The book sounds interesting – but your point about the accent – it would throw me too. The right person to narrate audio books is so crucial!

  • I’m new to this meme – (and a little late in posting!) – but I think this will be fun!

    I love Jane Green and have this one on my tbr list. My audio review this week was also a Jane Green book – The Other Woman – have you read/listened to that one?

  • Meg

    I listened to this one on audio, too, and ugh — I was so not a fan. As you mentioned, Green’s British accent for her American characters completely did not work . . . and that might have done a lot to sully my enjoyment or appreciation of the story. But beyond that, both Andi and Emily were so obnoxious and awful to me. I’ve had a few misses with other Green books, too, and think I’m officially giving up.

  • Keep seeing Green’s books popping up but haven’t broken down and read one yet. Seems like someone would have stepped in and told Green the whole British/California thing wasn’t working – where were her peeps?

  • I’m in the middle of listening to this book and I totally agree about Green reading it herself. It does not work. I don’t think she does a good job of making every voice different either.

    This is the third book of hers that I’ve listened to (the other two were not narrated by her thankfully) and they all take place in America with American characters using British terms like “proper” and “have a go”. I’m really surprised that an editor doesn’t fix that. It bugs me.