Sunday Salon: Weekend Away

Hello, dear ones! I’m writing this post a bit early, because my husband and I are taking advantage of some time for a weekend (well, one night) away while we still only have one sweet child to pawn off on someone else, instead of three. We’re using gift certificates to Ruth’s Chris and a fancy schmancy movie theater that we got for Christmas, plus the hotel points my husband has accrued from traveling this last year to have the cheapest posh date night ever. Even better, we don’t have to get up with Daniel at 6 am! With any luck, I’m actually still sleeping AS YOU READ THIS. Of course, it is probably more likely that I still woke up at 6 anyway and am just laying in bed reading until my husband wakes up, but if that’s the case I’m not going to complain.

Here’s what I read this week (or, you know, by Friday afternoon when I wrote this):



As far as reviews, it was a bit of an odd week. Basically I loved every OTHER book:



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