Girl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch Hummer – Book Review

Girl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch Hummer
Published by Fiction Studio Books

Life without a mother is difficult for Apron (yes, Apron, it is sort of a long story). To make things worse, Apron’s father is marrying a woman who is nearly the textbook definition of an evil stepmother, and such a short time after his wife’s death.  Luckily, Apron meets and is saved by Jesus. Okay, so he’s not actually Jesus, he just played Jesus in Jesus Christ, Superstar. Off-stage, he’s just Mike, the owner of the town’s flower shop and a man whose partner Chad is currently dying of AIDS. While  Mike and Chad save Apron, Apron may be saving them as well.

Girl Unmoored is a difficult book to classify, it has a middle school student as the main protagonist, but it doesn’t quite have the feel of a young adult book, particularly considering the mid-1980s time period. Apron is an occasionally frustrating protagonist, but this is primarily because she is an authentic preteen.

My one complaint about Girl Unmoored is that it did not seem to go as deep as it could have – perhaps because Apron lacked real world experience and thus understanding of much that was happening – but it was an enjoyable and engaging read all the same.

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