Book Time with Bess – The Bess Crawford Read-Along


Book Club Girl is leading another series read-along this spring! I adored the Maisie Dobbs read-along last spring, and at this point I would read pretty much any series she told me to. This year, we’re reading the Charles Todd Bess Crawford series, beginning with A Duty to the Dead. Here’s the schedule for when discussion questions will go up on her site (for more information, please see her post about the read-along):

March 26thA Duty to the Dead discussion
April 30th
An Impartial Witness discussion
May 1stA Bitter Truth paperback goes on sale
May 29th
A Bitter Truth discussion (May 28th is Memorial Day)
June 5thAn Unmarked Grave – the new hardcover goes on sale
June 25th
An Unmarked Grave discussion
June 28th
Book Club Girl on Air Show with Charles Todd to Discuss the Entire Series

If this is anything like last year’s series read-along, the books will be great and the conversations even better. Join us!

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