Sunday Salon 1.22.12

This week was made of miserableness. I’m mostly over morning sickness, but my toddler gave me his cold last weekend, and it pretty much killed me this week. I did get a bit of reading in while trying to steam and soak my head, though. Despite being sick, we took Daniel to the train convention last weekend. It came to our local convention center and it was insane. The showroom floor was nearly as big as the floor at BEA, but instead of books it was covered with model trains. They had a few different areas for kids to play, but surprisingly Daniel was actually more interested in looking at the model trains that were moving than he was in playing. We discovered this when we were sitting around the kid play area and he took off running towards one of the displays when the trains started making noise and caught his attention. The highlight of the experience seems to have been the train he got to ride on, though. Here he is, on the back of the train

He has probably told me about this every single day since it happened. The engine was Thomas the Tank Engine, so he either tells me that he rode the Thomas train or that he rode the orange train. In fact, he’s sitting next to me as I format this post and he keeps pointing at the picture and telling me “I’m riding the train! I’m riding round and round!” Clearly this was VERY EXCITING.

Amid all of this I did some good reading, though. Here’s what I finished last week:

Reading Crooked House convinced me that I need to take a break from Agatha Christie for awhile. For the second time this year I figured out the solution to one of her mysteries, and this time I actually knew the killer from the moment that he/she was introduced and was utterly unconvinced by the red herrings that Christie threw in to throw me off.

And here’s what I reviewed last week:

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  • Alison's Book Marks

    Sorry you had a rough week, but I’m glad the morning sickness has almost subsided!

  • It sounds like Daniel needs a train! I hope you feel better soon.

  • That’s great that he had so much fun! I hope you feel better soon!

  • Oh, I’m so sorry that you got the double whammy of morning sickness *and* a cold! I hope it all clears up and out soon!

    I have a rather large Thomas the Tank engine set (lots of track and battery operated engines/cars) in very good condition (clean and no broken pieces.) If you would like, I could send them to you for Daniel. Send me an e-mail if your interested. I know some people don’t like second-hand goods, especially when it comes to kids toys, so if you decline, no hard feelings :-)

  • Ouch, morning sickness and a cold. Yikes! You have my unreserved sympathies. I’ve heard from other moms that one of the occupational hazards of having kids is the masses of colds you get gifted to you by them but you have less time to stop and recuperate on the couch. Seriously, Moms of the world, I take my hat off to you.

    Cute picture of Daniel on the train! My cousin loved model trains when he was a kid. Actually he still does as a grown 25 year old – some passions never fade :)

  • So Cute! I’d love to take the monkey to something like that. I’ll have to be on the lookout, he’d love it!

  • Oh my gosh, this made me so sentimental. My (former) Thomas the Tank Engine lover is now 16 and well past his train convention days but I remember them with such fondness. I remember looking over the pictures and listening to him reminisce as only a toddler can. Hope this week is better.