Sunday Salon 1.15.12

So, if you missed it, I announced this week that I’ll be having twins this summer. My reading has really been slow in the past couple months, as I haven’t felt fabulous with this pregnancy (come on, second trimester!!), and often when I do feel okay I’m just so tired that I just play games on my phone and watch stuff on Netflix.

This week, for instance, I had finished all of one audiobook by Friday night. I was partway through three other books, and another audiobook, but it didn’t seem likely that I’d finish anything else except maybe the audiobook. Then on Saturday I woke up with the cold Daniel had all week, including a nice sinus headache that completely felled me for most of the day. It meant, though, that I got to pretty much just lay in bed all day and I managed to finish two of my books plus my audiobook when my eyes needed breaks. Now if only I can catch up on my writing during my day off tomorrow…

So here’s what I finished reading this week (by the way, if you’ve read Running the Rift, we’ll be discussing it here on my blog on January 31st):

And here’s what I wrote about, besides the whole two babies announcement:

I also posted about the books I’d like to Drop Everything And Read (er, listen to):


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15 comments to Sunday Salon 1.15.12

  • Wow, I did miss it – congratulations Jen! That’s such exciting news, especially twins! Fingers crossed that everything goes well with your house and you start to feel better soon.

  • With a toddler and being pregnant with twins, you STILL read more than I do!

  • Wow that’s great news, congratulations!!

  • I share Sandy’s sentiment. 😉

  • A double, Mazel Tov!!, means congrats in hebrew. I am so happy for you a double blessing of two.
    I would like to join, The Rift, but I am reading GWTW right now. I am not sure if I will get it down by then. If I do perhaps I will join in.

  • Running the Rift is the next Powell’s Indiespensable selection, I’m excited to receive it later this month.

  • Amy

    Congratulations, Jen! That’s wonderful news! Do you know if your twins are identical or fraternal? I’m a twin, fraternal :o) I hope you feel better soon and definitely in your 2nd trimester.

    I’m always amazed by the number of books you read in a week. Even feeling unwell and tired and having a toddler to care for, you read more than I do in a week. Don’t be so hard on yourself, just take it easy, relax. The books will always be there for you :o)

  • I think you’ve done fabulous for what you’ve faced this week. You certainly got more read in any format than I did. :)

  • Congratulations on your exciting announcement!!! Two at once will definitely keep you busy so good luck :) I love that you are reading so many books by Agatha Christie. I’m a huge fan of hers so it is fun to read your reviews. Hope you have a great week and start feeling better!

  • TWINS!!! That is so cool! Congratulations. Bummer you felt blah this week, hopefully you are 100% soon!

  • On the one hand it is no fun having a cold, but on the other hand it is fun to spend the day reading. :)

  • Jen, I missed the twins announcement! WOW!!! Congratulations! Do you know the sex/sexes? Do twins run in your family?

    Very, very excited for you and sending much love.



  • Congratulations on the Twins news! How exciting!!! Hope you are feeling better soon (nothing worse than morning sickness).

    I just returned from vacation and found a copy of Running the Rift in my mailbox. I didn’t receive an email that I won a copy for your book club, can you confirm if you had this sent to me? I want to make sure I read it in time, if yes. No worries if the publisher sent, just checking. :)

    Have a wonderful week!

    • Yup, that’s from us. Not sure why you didn’t get the emails I sent last week, I wonder if you got left off that list somehow…

      By the way, we pushed the discussion back to January 31, since the books came late.