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Lately it has seemed as if half of all book bloggers (and quite a few authors) are either pregnant, or have had babies. An astonishing number of people seem to be due in April or May (seriously, what was in the water last fall?). With my son turning two and 1/2 at Christmas, it was time for us to think about our next baby as well, and it turns out that the baby will be arriving this summer, due July 23rd.

Funny story, though. The baby actually won’t be coming by his or herself. We went to our first doctor’s appointment and got a nice ultrasound picture of the baby. Then, a few weeks later, we went to our second appointment and had another ultrasound. The doctor appeared concerned or confused – which, by the way, is NOT how you want your doctor to look AT ANY TIME – and kept searching around with the ultrasound machine. Finally, she looked at us and said with surprise, “there’s two people in there!”

And then our jaws dropped so hard that we banged them on the ground.

So, yes, twins. Identical twins, actually.

Okay, this isn't actually twins, it is just two pictures stuck together of Daniel as an infant

Needless to say, this sped up our “we probably need a house now” timeline. One baby we might have been able to squeeze in, but two not so much, plus twins tend to come earlier than single babies. Luckily, we had an appointment to look at a house just a few hours after we went to the doctor and happened to love the location, potential, and price of what we saw. We should be putting in an offer soon, which will hopefully mean that we can end up being in the house before I’m ready to pop.

So, between that, our mini-move, and the heater drama that ensued Sunday – Tuesday (the heater went OUT right after we moved in, and the repair company had issues getting the right part), we’ve had an exciting week, to say the least.

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