A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – Audiobook Giveaway (Sound Bytes)

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, narrated by Patrick Stewart
Published in audio by Simon Audio

From the publisher:

A holiday classic as you’ve never heard it before. Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and Ebenezer Scrooge come to marvelous life in Patrick Stewart’s critically-acclaimed solo interpretation of A Christmas Carol. The star of X-Men and The Royal Shakespeare Company, Stewart has performed his one-man stage production of A Christmas Carol to sell-out audiences. Now, in this studio recording of the dazzling achievement that has thrilled audiences in New York and Los Angeles, Stewart invites listeners to rediscover the timeless story at its source: Dickens’ own, classic words, presented in a soaring, virtuoso solo performance in which Stewart plays all parts.

I recently listened to a version of A Christmas Carol and, although the narrator was pretty good, he doesn’t hold a candle to Patrick Stewart. You can listen for yourself, though:


I have up to five copies to give away to blog readers with US mailing addresses. Enter by 12:01 am Eastern on Friday, December 9, 2011. If I have at least 15 entrants, I’ll give away 3 copies, 25 entrants and I’ll give away 4 copies, more than 35 and I’ll give away all 5 copies. You can enter by doing any one (or more) of the options below:

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Thanks to Simon Audio for providing a copy of this book to give away.
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24 comments to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – Audiobook Giveaway (Sound Bytes)

  • I seem to fondly recall an animated version of A Christmas Carol featuring Mr. Magoo when I was a kid!

    I saw the Jim Carey film version a couple of years ago, in 3D, in Times Square over the Christmas holidays in 2009; but I really didn’t care for it at all and; I listened to an audio edition with Tim Curry narrating that I was disappointed with as well: He sounded like he was in a rush to get it down and get out of thew studio already :-(

    I have an UK audio of A Christmas Carol (narrated by HUgh Terry) ready to roll today… We’ll see how it compares!

  • My husband and I are actually going tonight to see a play adaptation of A Christmas Carol at a local dinner theatre! I have high hopes. Otherwise, my favorite version is the one with Patrick Stewart in it. Love it! (Scrooged is fun, too!)

  • I read A Christmas Carol every few years, but have never listened to it. This could be the year!

  • This is admitting my age – but as a child, we had an LP (remember those?) audio version of A Christmas Carol. I laid on the floor in front of the huge console stereo and listened to it over and over. I re-read the book every year for Christmas. This version sounds wonderful so I’ll be looking for it whether I win or not. Thanks for the chance, though.

  • Patrick Stewart does the best(!) version of A Christmas Carol that I’ve ever heard! He’s such a great narrator!

  • I have A Christmas Carol on my ipod for listening later this month. The edition I have is read by Ralph Cosham. I love Cosham’s reading of Louise Penny’s Three Pines series so that was why I chose his reading of it from the editions available at my library. Maybe next year I’ll listen to the Patrick Steward edition.

  • Good grief? A Patrick Stewart reading of the Christmas Carol? I have to go out immediately and get a copy for my best friend for Christmas. This is the best find ever!

  • I LOVE Patrick Stewart’s voice. I could listen to him read cereal box ingredients, and still be entertained. I’ll bet this is delightful.

  • I have so many audio books that I’m almost finished with. One of these days I’ll be able to participate in Sound Bytes again!

  • Great give away! Love this story and I’m sure it will be awesome with him narrating.

  • As far as my favorite adaptation…hmm. I love the play version I saw at a local theater in high school. So I think I would prefer any in life play as opposed to a movie version.

  • I love the musical version with Alastair Sim

  • Joanie Grosdidier

    I love the original TV version in black & white…it leaves more to the imagination.

  • Bobbie Howard

    Oh my favorite Christmas Carol has always been Mr Magoo’s Christamas Carol…the songs perfect. And the Spirit of Christmas Future scary , but not too scary so young ones can enjoy it.
    I have always loved the George C Scott adaption best. He made Scrooge…Scroogey!

  • I grew up watching the Scrooge adaptation with Albert Finney.

  • i am so confused after reading all those instructions. I must say I am ver fond of the George C. Scott film version. But actually, I like them all, in different ways.
    I agree for an audio, I do not think you could beat Stewart.

  • Trish

    One of the local theaters in Atlanta has an annual production of A Christmas Carol, and it is wonderful!

  • Awesome giveaway! I love audiobooks, but they are so hard to find in CD form without being insanely expensive.

  • I don’t actually have a favorite. There’s the one from the 80s I really like, the Muppets version, the 3D one from a couple of years ago. They’re all good.

  • I also enjoy Patrick Stewart’s narration at the beginning of A Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • But my favorite adaptation is Bill Murry’s Scrooged. I love Carol Kane.