TSS: Home Sweet Home

For the first time all month, we are all at home for the weekend, and we have no plans in particular (other than taking a certain little dinosaur trick or treating). Not only that, my husband will actually NOT be traveling at all in the next week, I’m not sure we’ll all know what to do with ourselves. I have lots of cleaning and review writing on my scheduled – you don’t even want to know how far behind I am on posts, especially considering I was completely caught up at the end of September.

Of course, it sort of makes sense how far I am behind when you see how much I’ve been reading, an ereader sure makes it easier to read while traveling with a toddler, much easier to find my place every time he was distracted for a few minutes.  Here’s what I finished last week, primarily all as ebooks:

Lots of dark colors again, a second week in a row, interesting. No real pattern in the covers of books reviewed this week, the only similarity is that all of these books were good!

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3 comments to TSS: Home Sweet Home

  • I have Murder at the Vicarage on my Christie pile. I haven’t gotten to it yet, though. Looking forward to seeing your review!

    Weekends at home are always nice. I haven’t really gotten one of those lately, which actually makes me a little sad. :[ You enjoy it though!

  • You have gotten lots of reading done. I don’t use an e-reader much but do agree that they’re great for traveling.

  • So many books that look tempting. I should stop reading blogs, I swear…. There is just so much temptation! :)