The Evolution of my Reading Habits

More BBAW goodness today, folks! The daily topic today asks how blogging has changed your reading habits, which I think is a really interesting question.

The most obvious answer to this question, is that I just simply read a lot more than I used to. Part of this is that I started my blog shortly after I finished teaching, which I did straight out of college. Finally, a life where I didn’t spend all day at work or school and then have homework/lesson planning on top of it! This newly freed up time gave me the opportunity to read more than I had been. These days, I average at about 230 books per year.

Now, if it was just me and my husband, I’d probably have no trouble reading 230 books per year between lunch breaks and evenings at home, but I have a sweet little toddler these days on top of work, so I have found audiobooks to be invaluable in helping me to read many of the titles I would otherwise have to let pass me by.

Reading more books and discovering audiobooks are extremely positive changes to my reading habits, but some of the changes have been less positive. I find that I am much less likely to pick up ‘chunksters’ or nonfiction than I used to be, because I know they will eat up so much more of my precious reading time, and it will mean that many fewer books I can get to. I miss some of those epic books and that absorbing nonfiction, so over this past year I’ve made an effort to get to more of both. I’ve been doing fairly well of late, we’ll see how it goes.

Whether or not you are a blogger, how have your reading habits changed over the last five years?

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  • I definitely started reading more once I finished college and no longer had to read for class. My record is not nearly as impressive as yours, but I’m determined to make it to 100 books this year (last year, I read 94–I blame it on a two week vacation in Europe and on the fact that my final book was Pillars of the Earth).

  • I feel more encouraged to read chunksters because I see so many other people doing it. Although I do worry about not being able to read as many books, I no longer find it daunting.

  • I’m a bit in awe of your 230 books a year and I definitely understand the hesitancy toward “chunksters”. Along with being less likely to pick up big books I’ve also become more hesitant to reread books – a pattern that I’m only recently starting to adjust.

  • I have the same problem, finding I avoid books that will potentially take up more time. I don’t really like that and am trying to figure out ways to include a couple now and then. Audiobooks have nearly doubled the number of books I get through, and I love that they make otherwise hum-drum tasks (cleaning and laundry, I’m looking at you!) into something I actually look forward to doing, since I get to “read” at the same time!

  • 230 books is insane! I only work part time and I have no children and I don’t even come close to that number!

  • My reading habits seem to be constantly evolving. I never thought that I would be such a fan of audio books. The thing that blogging has provided me is an extra incentive to participate in an activity that was already important to me. I’ve always loved reading, but for awhile it really fell to the back burner. Since I began blogging I have made it a priority.

  • Since I started writing books, I’ve also upped my reading game. I need to get out of my head and enjoy someone else’s stories, otherwise my characters won’t leave me alone. :)

    Since I started reading book bloggers, several “good things” have settled in:

    1. I learn about more books.
    2. I learn that opinions on the same book can really vary, which is good for me to keep in mind when I’m receiving reviews.
    3. I especially love reading a blog review AFTER I’ve read a book since others’ opinions often bring to light nuances that hadn’t struck me.
    4. I’ve learned that above all, I care about good stories. While some bloggers/reviewers talk about typos and inconsistencies that made them nuts, I don’t tend to get stuck on those things, often don’t even notice them. I guess I’m not a critical reader, in that sense. (Another reason I love my editors so much. :))
    5. I almost never quit on a book, which I’ve learned isn’t too common. Perhaps being an author, I’m more willing to give another author till the very The End.
    6. I find bloggers’ enthusiasm for books contagious. I’m grateful for that.
    7. I enjoy learning about bloggers’ personalities through their reviews.

    There’s more, but that’s it for now. THANK YOU for giving me so much, Dear Bloggers. Write on!

  • I started blogging less than a year ago, blogiversary coming soon!, but it has already changed a lot my reading. see here:

  • Amy

    I’m also less likely to read chunksters now which is a bit sad, but I definitely read more than I used to.

  • I have a more difficult time picking up chunksters now too, which is odd since the chunkster challenge is one of the ways I got into blogging in the first place!

  • I really need to get around to listening to more audiobooks. It is a big thing missing from my reading experience…

  • I hadn’t given it a lot of thought until now, but I think that I am reading less chunksters now. I am pretty sure that I am not actively searching them out as much as I used to!

    I have also branched into more genres and can’t wait to see where my reading/blogging journey takes me next!

  • I still shy away from chunksters just because of the time commitment, and have yet to jump on the audio bandwagon. The main way blogging has changed my reading habits is by introducing me to so many incredible authors I never would have found on my own! Love discovering new genres too!

    I’m impressed that you’re able to read anything with a toddler around!

  • Ugh, I hear you about not reading as many chunksters. Anything over 500 pages just seems like this impossible task that I’ll spend a week on and for that one book I could be reading, like, three or four– and so I put it back on the shelf. It’s so weirdly stressful!