How Do You Like Them Apples?

We had some seriously Fall-like weather this week – after summer reappeared on Monday with highs of close to 90. Daniel and I went and celebrated the dry, cool day yesterday by taking a little trip out to an apple orchard to pick a nice big bag of apples.

I think that homemade apple chips and applesauce are in our future next week.

Okay, guys, I don’t know what is going on, but I’ve really been rocking the audiobooks lately. Somehow I seem to be finding all sorts of extra time to listen to them. I finished TWO this week (25 hours of audio), which is crazy, because it used to basically always take me two weeks to finish one. Oh, also, they were both fantabulous.

I also finished three print books:

This week I posted four reviews, in addition to recommending to you some of my favorite blogs and talking about how my reading has changed in the 3+ years I’ve been blogging:

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13 comments to How Do You Like Them Apples?

  • I had the Buddha in the Attic out from the library, but it didn’t really fit with any of my plans so I brought back unread… I will have to see what you say in your review and then I might decide to get it back again sooner rather than later! I have also been hearing really good things about The Language of Flowers.

    Have a great week!

  • Oh I adored The Language of Flowers. Almost as much as I adore these apple pictures and fall weather? I have to say, when I first started blogging, you’d ju st had your son and it’s crazy to see how quickly our little guys grow up. He’s just adorable!

  • Daniel has gotten so big! I went apple picking last year and I think I need to make it a yearly tradition. I made a ton of great apple related things, including a delicious apple crumble in my crockpot!

  • I read your review of The Women of the Cousin’s War. I’ve read one Philippa Gregory book and I LOVED IT. It was actually what got me to start reading again and i have a whole stack of her books that I just haven’t gotten to yet!

    And your son is so adorable I can hardly stand it. And the mention of apples has made me want to make an apple pie! :]

  • cutie Daniel! How did he get so big? I envy your fall, as always.

  • I am so glad to hear both those audios are good – I would love to listen to them on audio. You did rock the week… between work and evening commitments and trying to participate as best I could with BBAW I have hardly read a thing!

  • It has been ages since I last went apple picking. How fun!

    I seem to be downloading audiobooks right and left but have yet to listen to them. Sounds like you’ve been doing well for yourself though.

    Have a great week!

  • I love apple picking! It always makes me feel like fall is really here. And of course, apple crisps and applesauce are a nice perk.

    I’m happy Ready Player One was good, as I currently have it on hold on audio at my library!

  • You had a busy week! I hope to go apple picking this fall. I’ve never done it and I’m sure my little monkey would get a big kick out of it. Your son is adorable!

    I still haven’t figured out how you fit it all in!

  • We seem to have the memo that it’s fall here, too. Although it’s been cloudy and rainy for a couple of days — all the better for cozy reading. I think I’ll make applesauce this afternoon — another cozy addition to the day.

  • Ooh, I haven’t had good apples in SO long! I’ve almost forgotten what they look like. We don’t get many of those in Florida. But I’ll be content with oranges and peaches, I guess. :)

  • I read the print version of The Language of Flowers and I loved it too. I got to hear the author speak at our local indie book store a couple of weeks ago and she was so sweet and nice. It’s so hard to believe that was her first novel. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!