Weather Guilt and Review Madness

Right now a hurricane is battering the East Coast, but all is calm and lovely here in Chicago. We had a fun barbeque with friends last night and will potentially go to a picnic this afternoon. I must admit that I feel a little guilty that we have some of our nicest weather of the summer while East Coast friends get battered.

This has been a great reading week thanks to a train trip to/from downtown by myself on Sunday, plus my new reading/writing/cleaning plan. Basically I’m alternating reading, writing, and cleaning nights on the nights I’m at home, hoping that it makes me more productive in each of these things. My first reading night sure seemed productive, since it let me finish all three books I had going at the time.

I’m now actively picking things I do NOT think I will finish before the end of the month, though, because I have decided to try to be completely caught up on reviews by the end of the month, thanks to some inspiration from Jennifer at Literate Housewife. I’ve still got at least two posts/day to write to be caught up, so not finishing things keeps me from adding anymore to the too-long list. Here’s what I finished this week:

And here’s what I reviewed:

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8 comments to Weather Guilt and Review Madness

  • So glad I was able to inspire you to finish all of your reviews. I hope to finish all of mine today. It will be such a relief.

  • Atlanta is having lovely sunny weather, right now, so I’m with you on the weather guilt! Good luck on getting caught up. I’m in the opposite boat, right now, writing more than I can read. Woops!

  • OK well now the two of your are inspiring me. I have a number of them to do as well, and I have a relatively hassle-free week ahead of me so I do have a chance. And you are right, your weather was damned near perfect! Thanks to you, I did go to the Smith Museum of Stained Glass and it was awesome.

  • I hope your new schedule continues to work out. I need some inspiration to get caught up on my posts.

    • It looks like I will ACTUALLY be caught up by the first, so theoretically it should be much easier to keep up if I’m setting aside a night to write every 3 or 4 days and I only have newly finished books to think about. I’m also going to try to impose a requirement on myself that I be caught up at the end of EVERY month, so it can’t get so out of control again. We’ll see how long I last.

  • I am so far behind on my reviewing that even if I stopped reading today, I still wouldn’t catch-up for about a month… It’s sad. I always start out the year on top of things, but then life gets busy and things happen.

  • we in the eye of the storm..I was in a mandatory evacuation zone…forgive you. lol