TSS – Bookish Odds and Ends

This is one of those weeks where, now that I think back on it, I’m not even sure what we did. Somehow, though, I didn’t have much reading time. Not during lunches, not in the evenings.

One of my reading-free lunch times was really fun and bookish, though. YA author Amalie Howard was in town, and I had the opportunity to meet her and Julie from JKS Communications for lunch. We had a fabulous time talking all things bookish and book promotion. Definitely a fun time, and I can’t wait to read Amalie’s book – if only for that gorgeous cover!

Other fun news, I recently realized that I managed to finish the What’s In A Name 4 Challenge, which is very exciting. Here’s what I ended up reading for the different catagories:

Evil: Original Sins
Jewelry/Gem: Dragonfly in Amber
Life Stage: Mothers & Daughters
Number: A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear
Size: Little Rabbit Lost / Wide Sargasso Sea
Travel/Movement: The Statues That Walked

So overall it was a great bookish week, even if it wasn’t a very high page count sort of week. Here’s what I finished in print:

And in audio:

And, of course, what I reviewed this week:

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