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Hey, remember those huge dumps of snow we had back in February? Yeah, I’m ready to bring those back after this week. I’ll take the annoyance of coats/hats/scarves/gloves over being perpetually hot ANY day. Winter chills can be taken care of by getting in a hot bath with wine and a book. A cold bath is not so nice for reading.

On the other hand, there is a slight advantage to it being beastly hot, and that is that reading is the only thing that sounds remotely appealing. My husband was away on business last week, so it was just Daniel and I, and we had dinner with family every night. Other than the night when Daniel stayed with my dad and my mom and I went to see Harry Potter, Daniel and I would get home most nights just in time to put him to bed. Now, our air conditioning is in good condition, but our condo is old and our windows inefficient, which means that it can be tough to cool the place down, which, in turn, meant that I had no desire to turn on a computer and add any more heat to the house, which also precluded watching tv.

When it was just too hot even to flip pages, I laid on top of my bed listening to an audiobook and playing games on my phone until it cooled down. After that, I would pick up a book and read, often until well after midnight when it was finally cool enough to get to sleep. The upshot is that I finished quite a few books (and am now even farther behind on reviews):

Luckily, I had quite a few things prescheduled this week, so there was content here, even though I had no desire to sit with a computer on my lap. One particularly interesting thing was an interview between authors Kim Wright and Sarah Pekkanen discussing social media and the ways in which authors help one another. In addition to that, were a number of reviews:

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  • I totally feel you about the hot weather! I’ve lived in SC all my life, so you would thing that I would be used to it by now, but this has been pretty unbearable.
    You got a lot read this week though, so kudos to you! :]

  • I hear you on the heat! Here it has just been so humid. It’s terrible! I am looking forward to the fall… In the winter you can bundle up to shovel snow, but in the summer it is just so hot to be mowing the lawn… I might prefer shoveling snow after all!

  • Just nasty. Most of our plans this week were foiled, and we stayed inside and laid around like slugs. I know what you mean about being behind on reviews. I can’t catch up.

  • Sorry you’re suffering with the heat, but I’ll take hot over cold any day. Our summers are generally pretty hot, and it’s my favorite season of the year.

  • You got a lot read in this heat! I had trouble concentrating. My eyes felt so much heavier in the heat. It would help if we had air conditioning! I was wishing for snow too. Everyone thought I was crazy. It’s much easier to keep warm than to cool off.

  • I’m with you. Bring back the cold, Nature. Thanks in advance…of course, when it arrives, though, I’ll wish the opposite. It was so hot I had to get out of the house the other night and went to see Harry Potter 7, Part 2, too. I loved it. What did you think? Or did you mention that somewhere else and I miss it?

  • The heat seems to be getting to us all – but… I really hate to be cold so I try not to say too much… TRY. LOL

    Great book and audio choices!

  • Loving the book selections, feeling ya on the heat. We’re at the beach this week and I feel like it’s too hot to even get in the water. This is NOT normal!

  • I share your dislike of summer! The heat has been awful, but it has been good for my reading because I have no desire to leave my apartment. I’ve also been mostly avoiding the computer nights and weekends, which gives me even more time to read:-) Here’s hoping fall comes early this year!