The Sweet Relief of Missing Children by Sarah Braunstein – Audiobook Review

The Sweet Relief of Missing Children by Sarah Braunstein, narrated by Xe Sands
Published in audio by Dreamscape Media, published in print by W.W. Norton & Co


Leonora is a good, proper girl, with a good, proper family. Even so, even though she knows exactly what to do when presented with a stranger approaching, she disappears. Vanishes, without a trace. She is not the only one, either. Leonora’s story and the stories of two who go missing willingly – Judith and Paul – grow increasingly intertwined as characters grapple with issues of family, parenthood, sex, and personal reinvention.

Thoughts on the story:

This was decidedly not an easy story to follow. Characters enter and exit with great frequency at the beginning and no particular indication of when they will return. However, for the reader who perseveres will be rewarded by a beautiful book with increasingly meaningful connections. The way that the characters interacted at different points in their individual timelines was fascinating and superbly crafted.

Thoughts on the audio production:

Xe Sands narration was a perfect match for this potentially difficult-to-follow text. For my full thoughts on the audio, please see my review for Audiofile Magazine.


This is definitely a challenge. Books that jump around in time and place – and then again between characters – can be even more difficult in audio than in print, but this one is worth a listen for the adventurous, because it is simply – albeit occasionally disturbingly – lovely.

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