TSS: Birthday Wishes

This has been a crazy week, we were on vacation for the first part of it, and have come home to Daniel’s birthday extravaganza! Our trip home also involved the fairly devastating loss of Daniel’s beloved Cookie Monster doll, which he sleeps with every night and the inability of United Airlines to return my phone call to the department of items lost on planes coming into O’Hare and let me know if they had it. Luckily, we got a replacement yesterday thanks to Sarah from Nerdy Apple Bottom.

Between getting some good reading time in on vacation and being too tired to do much else besides read in the afternoons this week after traveling with a toddler, I got a ton of reading done this week, including finishing two audiobooks:

And what I reviewed:

5 comments to TSS: Birthday Wishes

  • I have a vivid memory of being little and going on a trip with this stuffed kitty that I had. I left it at the hotel and my parents were never able to get it back. Your post reminded me of that. I was never big on stuffed animals as a child, but I did really like that one and was devastated at the loss of it. Random memory!

  • Hmmm. Never heard of Endless Night by Agatha Christie but I’m only in her 1940s novels right now. Is that a later one? I, of course, have heard of Three Act Tragedy. :)

  • No, traveling with toddlers is not easy! The good thing is that you are traveling with him, and by the time he gets to my kids’ ages, he will be a totally no-maintenance. But amazingly (maybe not really amazingly when it comes to you) you got so much read! Vacations are awesome that way. I count on summer to get way ahead on my reviews!

  • Happy belated Birthday wishes to Daniel. I too shall be reading An Accidental Mother.