Sweet Jiminy by Kristin Gore – Audiobook Review

Sweet Jiminy by Kristin Gore, narrated by Hillary Huber
Published in audio by Tantor Audio; published in print by Hyperion

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Lost and unsure what she is doing with her life, Jiminy leaves law school in Chicago, and heads back to her grandmother Willa’s house in Mississippi. While there, she discovers that she is not the first Jiminy in the town. Her grandmother’s housekeeper, Lyn, had a daughter named Jiminy as well, a girl who was murdered with her father by members of the local arm of the Klan. Jiminy the current can’t let this case rest, and becomes determined to solve the cold case, stirring up long-buried trouble in the town in the process.

Thoughts on the story:

This plot has all the hallmarks of a story I would love. Somehow, though, it managed to be utterly unengaging. Part of the issue was that Gore simply introduced far too many characters, many of them unimportant, like Willa’s friend who likes guns and gaming consoles. She added little or nothing to this relatively slight book, and took up space that could have been better used to further develop the story of either of the Jiminys. The other issue was that none of the characters – the current Jiminy in particular – were particularly deeply drawn, leaving the whole thing feeling incredibly shallow, with no emotional investment on the part of the reader.

Thoughts on the audio production:

Hillary Huber is a highly competent narrator, and she certainly did the best with the mediocre material she was supplied. She brought Sweet Jiminy up to the point where it was fairly enjoyable, at least during the listening. It wasn’t until after I finished and reflected on the story that I realized just how mediocre it really is.


I really can’t particularly recommend this at all, but if you want or need to read it for some reason, I highly suggest you grab the audio so that Huber’s narration can improve your experience.

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5 comments to Sweet Jiminy by Kristin Gore – Audiobook Review

  • Had not been aware of SWEET JIMINY but based on your review I guess that is okay. I am never going to be the same again after this week as I used to just play and go but now I am evaluating narrator and, listening for sound effects and being much more fussy. Wondering if this “kickin’ of the tires” will sticks past this week or was a passing phase.

    I think when it comes down to it, I dislike the car rides more then I could an audiobook so I think I am hooked for life. Thank you for your book love and for organizing this fun week.

  • Hmm… Maybe a pass on Sweet Jiminy. And I second PB: thank you so much for hosting this wonderful week!
    Let’s keep the audiobook love circulating!

  • Thanks for your review – I think I’ll skip this one.

  • Sorry this wasn’t what you were hoping for… think I’ll skip it.

  • Susan

    I really enjoy audiobooks. I listen to them while walking. Based on your review, I’ll skip this one. There are too many good books to enjoy.
    But, thank you for the review. Thanks also for the giveaways.