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If you wrote a post on this or any of my other discussion topics today, Friday, June 10th, please leave your link in the Mr. Linky before midnight Central time (US) and you will be eligible to win a prize.

Today we’re talking about audiobook resources. There are a lot of great ones out there, but I’m welcoming Susan from Audiobook DJ to share a little about one of my favorite resources: Audiobook Jukebox. Make sure to read all the way to the end for a special mini-challenge.


I want to thank Jen for inviting me to tell you about Audiobook Jukebox, a project that’s become one of the most exciting things I’ve worked with in a long time. Originally founded by BethFishReads and myself, Audiobook Jukebox grew from the desire to have a place where bloggers could share links to their audiobook reviews and find audiobook reviews contributed by others.

We liked the imagery of a jukebox because, just as a jukebox provides a link between listeners and its collection of songs, we wanted our jukebox to be a link between listeners and all of the great audiobooks waiting to be heard. We quickly learned we weren’t the only ones who loved listening to and reviewing audiobooks – the response from bloggers has been tremendous!

When you submit a link, we add/verify bibliographic information and the correct cover shot for the title. We include this information, along with your link, in a post which alerts readers to the availability of your review. Once posted, all of the bibliographic information is available for searching on our site’s search engine and when readers find interesting titles, they can use the links to go directly to your reviews. Started in August of 2010, we’ve already posted over 3,000 review links. My husband, Jeff, and I now operate the site and we hope you’ll drop by to add a link and search for that next great listen.

Susan Dunman
Twitter – @audiobookdj


For an extra chance to win some of our Audiobook Week prizes, link up the audiobook reviews you wrote this week – or any that you have not already linked up – to Audiobook Jukebox. I will choose at least one winner from among the people who post reviews today, Friday, June 10th.

What are your best audiobook resources?

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14 comments to Audiobook Resources – Audiobook Week Discussion

  • Sounds innovative Susan, I look forward to stopping by as I do love to listen to a good book. Hoping it is a fun as it is easy to navigate.

  • Wow! This is such a great resource. I’ve linked up all my audiobook reviews so far. Now to find my next great listen!

  • i just heard about Audiobook Jukebox yesterday while browsing the many posts in Audiobook Week. it sounds like a great resource and am so glad to have heard of it through this event.

    it’s always nice to have a good resource that specifically addresses audiobook production quality and such when looking for that next listen, so your hard work is much appreciated!

  • Beth F

    So happy that Susan was able to carry on the project when my life became too busy.

  • I love Audiobook Jukebox and try to remember to link all of my audiobook reviews there.

  • I really enjoy Audiobook Jukebox but honestly – I forget to link up. Thanks for the reminder :)

  • thanks for this great question, so sad it’s already the last day! And thanks for the Audiobook Jukebox – by the way, do you know your links to the Jukebox don’t seem to work? I had been to that site before, but I don’t why I had not shared any link, so I’ll do that today. Thanks Jen, it was a terrific week. Emma @ Words And Peace

  • Posted my “Audiobook Week: Audiobook Resources” entry and linked above AND wrote a Flashback Friday post featuring 1984 (by George Orwell; narrated by Simon Prebble) to Audiobook Jukebox!

  • Jen, thanks again for hosting this fun week – I have gotten some really good titles to add my to tbr audio pile!

  • I had completely forgotten about Audiobook Jukebox. Many thanks for the reminder! I’ll have to go through some recent reviews and link up the audio ones.

  • Great contest, I wish I could enter but I don’t review audiobooks. But I think it’s a neat idea what you all have done with AudioBookJukebox, a great resource for people who enjoy audio books and need reviews.

  • Thanks for the Jukebox site idea, I just added there all the audiobooks I listened to this year. Emma @ Words And Peace

  • Audiobook Jukebox is great! I hadn’t heard of it before this week so thank you :). This has been a great event, thank you for hosting!