2010-2011 My Audiobook Year – Audiobook Week Discussion

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My year in audiobooks has been an amazing one. Since the end of Audiobook Week last year, I have listened to 51 audiobooks, which is slightly more than one per week on average, since Audiobook Week was later in the month last year.

I’ve also started reviewing for Audiofile Magazine, which has exposed me to a ton of great audiobooks that might not have ever been on my radar otherwise.

Here are some of my favorite titles from the past 12 months (not including the reviews I have on tap for this week):

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24 comments to 2010-2011 My Audiobook Year – Audiobook Week Discussion

  • I found this event just within the last 24 hours – and could not resist taking part…

    I probably wont review anything – but I will post something everyday…. looking forward to adding more books to my TBR pile..


  • Thanks for hosting this great event. Looking forward to participating all week long!

  • Thanks for doing this week! I’m excited to discover even more audiobooks!

  • I’m actually posting Audiobook Week entries to my tumblr account (dog eared copy) in addition to running features on my blogger blog! Prepping for JIAM2011 and Audiobook Week has sorta been like my own little bloggiesta! It’s fun! Thank you for hosting this :-)

  • Love this – I have so many audio titles to capture now…LOL My post will go up late this afternoon, I have the Monday Meme up now so I need to let it roll a bit :)

  • Looking forward to doing at least one post each day, with a combo of discussions and reviews. Thanks so much for hosting this!

  • Those are some great titles. I think I’m going to have to create a separate TBL list. Thank you for hosting this fantastic event. Seeing the Audio Book Week posts last year was one of the reasons I gave them another try.

  • Thanks for hosting this event! I love audiobooks and this is a great way to share what we have been reading (or listening to as the case may be). Thank you!

  • I’m still relatively new to audio books (just started listening to them in November), so this is my first time participating. I’m excited to see everyone’s responses and hope to get some new titles to listen to!

    Thanks for hosting this event!

  • The City & The City is also on my list, and I have a different book named “Feed” :-).

    Thanks for hosting this week!

  • I really want to listen to Faith! I loved the audios of her previous novels, Mrs. Kimble and Baker Towers.
    Thanks for hosting Audiobook Week!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Listen ON!

  • I LOVE audiobook week!! I’m getting so many great new recommendations – just the thing to get me back out into my garden after a very long, snowy winter!

  • Thanks so much for hosting this event! I heart audiobooks :). I’m always baffled when I meet someone who hasn’t listened to one or doesn’t life them. I think they just haven’t listened to a good one yet!

  • Thanks Jen, this is a great week, thanks to you, and it’s so much fun to see here lots of other book bloggers I follow.
    Emma @ Words And Peace

  • I absolutely LOVE audiobooks. I lost my ipod and the 3 weeks I was without it (before I bought a new one), I totally missed listening!

    I also listen to more and more each year, but not that many. However, I might be up to 2 or 3 some months, since I first started listening to them about 5 years ago.

  • I bet The City and the City did make for a good audio book.

    I listened to the Harry Potter series this year, which was definitely worth listening to! Glad I finally caved.

  • I’m so excited you put this week together! I’m always looking for good recommendations for audio reads, and I love linking up with other audio nerds. :) It seems like some really great bloggers are participating, so I think we’ll all learn some great things from each other. And I’m glad to see the Windy City pride! :)

  • So excited for Audiobook Week but lets never forget our little friends the audiobooks all year long. You are the best Jen and to the sponsors thank you.

  • I am such a newbee at audio…but I’m loving it.
    I’m glad I found you!

  • Wait. You listened to Body Work? I thought you were reading it? I must have totally missed that. I really want to get to YOU KNOW WHEN THE MEN ARE GONE. Perhaps on audio? Hmmm…

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