TSS – High School Book Drive Wrap-up

You may remember that over the last couple months I was soliciting books from people cleaning off their shelves for the students at my husband’s school. We ended up receiving about 400 books, not counting the ones that I pulled off my shelves.

That means I owe about $80 to First Book, with which they will be able to buy another 40 books for young children. So thank you, all of you readers and bloggers who participated, and thank you to the employees of Random House and HarperCollins who sent books cleaned out of their offices!

One of two totally full library carts

Historical fiction table before the kids got to it

Nonfiction/memoir table

Fiction tables

We had a great turn out, 50 or 60 kids, and they CLEANED US OUT, which was awesome. One girl told me that she was really excited, because she only had three books at home, and now she had a great pile for summer reading (6 or 7 books, some of them major chunksters).

One girl's book pile - she wasn't even done yet

Sci-fi/fantasy table before the kids made their last sweep

Historical fiction table before the last sweep

By the end, the kids picked up every single book, and they were all beyond thrilled about it. A book for every reader and a reader for every book.

Thank you!

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16 comments to TSS – High School Book Drive Wrap-up

  • I got teary eyed reading this. I’m so glad your book drive was such a big success!

  • What a great post!

    I must say that even grumpy old me was touched by this post! Well done!

    Thanks for all your hard work sorting, transporting, and organizing this great event!

  • That is so totally awesome. You’ve done so much good here. I was depleted of books from my donations to the Adult Literacy League (who absolutely LOVE YA books) but I’m sure I’ll accumulate more if you end up doing this again. Bravo Jen!

  • Congratulations on your huge undertaking being such a success! I am so sorry I did not have any YA books. Well done, I imagine the kids were thrilled.

  • What a wonderful turnout – so glad that the kids got many books for their summer reading!

  • Wow – not many book blog posts make me cry – what a beautiful thing you did! That girl’s comment about only having three books at home is heart-breaking.

  • Wow! I thought I was just hormonal/pregnant and that’s why I was all weepy but apparently I wasn’t the only one. Awesome stuff. Thanks so much for this awesome post. :O)

  • Fantastic!

    You did a good thing.


  • Very, Very Cool!

  • Awesome book drive! Love this!

  • Ruth Ann

    And “everybody” (the unknown big “they”) says that books are “dead”, “irrelevant”, “outdated”, “yesterday”, etc. (pick your own set of adjectives!) and that the present generation of teenagers can’t “relate to them”! The unqualified success of this BOOK DRIVE (no Kindles, no Nooks, no electronic devices of any kind) just shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that there are still large groups of young people who value the written word, who love reading “physical” books and who will take as many books as interest them whenever they get the chance. Congratulations to all who participated, contributed to or worked on this book drive! May there be many, many more!

  • How wonderful! I am sure the kids appreciated it (as did the folks who cleaned out their bookshelves). What a wonderful idea!

  • I absolutely love that you did this. Makes me want to adopt a Cleveland school to do the same thing!

  • Meg

    Wonderful and heartwarming — I love hearing about book-related organizations and drives!

  • julie

    YAY Jen!! What a wonderful job!