The Sunday Salon – 5.8.11

Well this has been a busy week, Booklicity stuff, day job stuff, getting hubby ready for a trip (and not having him around for a few days), prep work for some upcoming episodes of What’s Old is New, and a blogger dinner/book signing. All of this has equaled not getting much read. I’m hoping to spend at least part of Mothers Day in my room by myself reading, but we’ll see. So far Daniel thinks Mother’s Day means ‘have to be with mommy all the time,’ which means I’m up earlier than I was planning to be today.

On Wednesday I met Julie from Girls Just Reading in person for the first time, she is awesome, and I’m sort of disappointed we waited this long to hang out, we will have to do it again SOON. We met for dinner after work on Wednesday and then headed over to The Book Stall in Winnetka, IL to see Rae Meadows read from her latest book, Mothers and Daughters (my review | Julie’s review). Luckily Julie took some pictures and sent them to me, because Daniel broke my phone yesterday, and I hadn’t gotten the pictures off yet:

So yeah, all of that wasn’t very conducive to much reading. In fact, the last time I finished anything but an audiobook was LAST Sunday. But here it is, what I finished this past week:

And what I reviewed (covers link to reviews):

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9 comments to The Sunday Salon – 5.8.11

  • Out of those, the one that intrigues me is Doc, because it seems like such a departure for Russell, who wrote The Sparrow and Children of God. I saw it on the new book shelf at our library and it took me aback a little bit, to be honest. I’m interested in hearing what you thought of it.

    • It is good, really good. She actually has at least two other historicals, DREAMERS OF THE DAY and and THREAD OF GRACE, they just aren’t as well known as THE SPARROW. DOC is actually the first of her books I’ve read, now I’m looking forward to hitting her backlist.

  • If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had the same week. Life gets in the way, and that is OK. I’m hoping for a little reading today, if I get my Mother’s Day wish. Have a great day!

  • It seems a lot of people have had really busy weeks lately! I think it’s the “transition weeks”; for some reason, I am most busy during those times of year where the seasons are changing.

  • Amy

    Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you can convince Daniel to give you some time to yourself to read.

    Although you had a busy week it sounds like you had some fun events, especially meeting Julie and hearing/seeing Rae Meadows read from Mothers and Daughters.

    Here’s to a more book reading-centric week!

  • Ah, but bookish things are so just as much fun as reading! Little ones don’t quite understand that Mother’s Day is mommy’s day to relax and be pampered–sometimes I made my husband take the kids off to the park for an hour or so on Mother’s Day just to give me some time alone.

  • I like the look of your last book!

  • I very much want to read Doc. I read an article about the author and it has me very intrigued!