Sunday Salon: Grooving

People, the weather here in Chicago is in serious need of medication. We had one or two nice days between the mid-60s and mid-70s in the past week. Mostly, though, we’ve been popping back and forth between highs in the low 50s and highs in the high 80s. I would say “wherefore art thou, Spring?” except that I know that doesn’t actually mean where are you. It sounds so much more artful, though.

Perhaps it was an attempt to hide from the crazy weather, but I seem to have gotten my reading groove back a little this week. Actually, it was probably less that, than that we had three podcast recordings scheduled this week for What’s Old is New, and I had to finish everyone’s books before speaking with them. And really, the only things I finished this week were for those interviews, other than one audiobook.

Are you looking to lose weight and read more? Check out Amanda’s 52-52-52 challenge. Starting June 6, the idea behind it is to set a weekly weightloss and reading goal every week for a year. The default is 52 pounds and 52 books, but you can tweak either one of those pieces to have a challenge that works for you. I’m signing up, although I haven’t quite figured out what my specific goals are yet.

Anywhere, here’s what I read last week, and what shows you should be looking forward to:

This past week, I talked about my experiences with character names, and posted the following reviews:

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12 comments to Sunday Salon: Grooving

  • I am with you on the weather; it’s absolutely ridiculous, and if I don’t get some nice sunny 80 degree weather soon, I may just sink into a state of despair.

    • Oh, see, I really don’t want 80, that would mean we went on to summer without first having spring. I want my two months worth of highs between 65 and 75. 77 at the highest.

    • Oh, see, I really don’t want 80, that would mean we went on to summer without first having spring. I want my two months worth of highs between 65 and 75. 77 at the highest. Some sun too, please, weather gods!

  • Kay

    I’m looking forward to reading THE LITTLE WOMEN LETTERS, so I’ll look for your thoughts on that one.

    Ah, weather, if we could only control it – LOL!

  • Ugh, the weather! We have had highs in the 40’s this weekend with wind chills in the 30’s! Yesterday I stayed tucked in and read all day. I hope we see spring soon. I love Eric Carle books. I miss have little ones to read them to.

  • Here in Pennsylvania, the weather has been up and down as well…spring has come, but in the form of rain, rain and more rain. :(

  • What did you think of Tragedy of Arthur? I’ve been very curious baout it!

  • Amanda

    Thanks for spreading the word about the challenge. :)

  • The weather here has been kind of crazy too, but not that bad!

  • Come down here, it sucks in the opposite direction. It has been in the mid freaking 90’s, with a little dab of hail and flooding rains just for fun. No in-between is there?

    I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you, I got the audio of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, and I am loving it! I’m not even an Alcott fan, but after this I might be.

  • Yet another Shakespeare reference. That book certainly worked its way into your psyche. :)

    Sorry you’re not having good weather. Where I live we usually skip from cold (for southeast Texas) weather to absolutely miserable heat. It has felt incredible for the last week, and I’m so grateful.