Murder Under Cover by Kate Carlisle – Book Review

Murder Under Cover by Kate Carlisle
Published by Obsidian, an imprint of Penguin

Book 4 in the Bibliophile Mystery series

Bookbinding seems like it should be a quiet job, but Brooklyn Wainwright’s recent months have been exciting, to say the least. After being the center of multiple murder investigations and targeted by a murderer herself, Brooklyn is looking forward to settling in with her boyfriend who has just moved to town and is living with her at least temporarily. Plus, her best friend Robin is home from a trip to India, and Brooklyn can’t wait to catch up with her, although Robin gets slightly overshadowed, when she brings a gorgeous antique copy of the Kama Sutra for Brooklyn to repair. It isn’t long, though, until Robin again becomes the center of Brooklyn’s attention. On her return from India, Robin meets a handsome Ukranian man named Alex, invites him home, and wakes up in the middle of the night with her place ransacked him Alex dead in the bed besides her, professionally killed. Things don’t stop there, though, and soon is appears that Robin might be in real danger

Hooray! A new (to me) cozy series! Not that I’m caught up on the Maternal Instincts or White House Chef mysteries, but these days I’m always on the lookout for a good new series, and this series is definitely engaging. Brooklyn strikes a good balance between clearly not being a professional investigator in any way, and gaining increasing confidence in her ability to deal with situations like this. I really like that at least by her fourth disaster, she is not completely helpless and bumbling. Despite the fact that her boyfriend is a former member of British intelligence and the head of his own security firm, she does not entirely rely upon him, but gives the impression she’d be able to figure things out herself even without him – not that he isn’t an asset to her in times like this.

I know many readers don’t like to start partway through a series, and I often don’t either, but Carlisle did a fabulous job in Murder Under Cover catching the reader up on Brooklyn’s life and previous experiences without belaboring the point. Now I’m looking forward to going back and reading about Brooklyn’s earlier exploits. Recommended.

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10 comments to Murder Under Cover by Kate Carlisle – Book Review

  • I actually discovered this series in my indie bookstore. Like you, I’m really excited to go back and read the previous books in the series.

  • This sounds like a fun cozy series!

  • I usually try to read things in order, but sometimes it is easiest to get the most recent book just to see what you think of the series. Glad that worked out with this series!

  • Alright,weird coincidence. I just check out the first in this series over the weekend. I haven’t started it yet but plan to this weekend. How funny. Good to hear I’m in for a good time. Oh and good for you on being able to start mid-way, I try but just can’t.

  • I actually got the chills thinking about starting a series in the middle. :) Glad it worked for you though. I love the feeling of finding new series to lose myself in.

  • Hey! Just found your blog looking for reviews of the book Shanghai Girls. I always love book recommendations :) I’m putting you on my RSS feed. Have a good weekend!

  • There was a day when I’d never consider starting a series mid-way, but I stumble on these things and don’t have the energy to start at the beginning. I find it humorous that a bookbinder would constantly be in the throes of death and murder and bodies!

  • I do hate to start a series midstream, but this looks right up my alley. Might have to…nope can’t do it. Will just have to find book one.