TSS: Readathon-less

Yesterday was the third straight Readathon in which I haven’t been able to participate, I keep having family or travel obligations. I actually thought that I’d have a pretty good amount of time to read during the Readathon, but I ended up only reading about 20 minutes all day. I’m not really sure what I did instead, really.

Still, though, this was a pretty good reading week. I had a particularly nice period of time to read on Wednesday between two sessions at a conference I went to for work (I had 2 or 3 hours even after having lunch, lovely). Here’s what I finished:

And what I reviewed:

In addition, I also posted an Oh, D.E.A.R post about the series I would love to drop everything and read, and I also mentioned a book drive I’m putting together for the students at the school where my husband teaches.

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  • I’ve seen the Winspear book mentioned a few other places and I’d love to hear what you think of it. I’m looking for some good mysteries to carry me through the summer months (see: no work, no air conditioning). It’s too bad you didn’t get to do the read-a-thon, but it sounds like you’ve been getting plenty of reading time in other days.

    • I’ve read the whole series since January and they are really quite good. If you search Winspear on my blog you’ll find all my reviews. They are great historical fiction while still having a good mystery element. The first book has a lot of back story, but the ready of the books mostly take place in the characters’s present.

  • Every week I read your Sunday Salon. And every week I am amazed at the amount of reading you accomplished and think, “if only I could be more like Jen.” 😉

  • I was hoping to participate unofficially as well yesterday, but life got in the way!

  • What a fantastic week you had, even without doing the readathon!

  • Tea

    Great books, anxious to start the Maisie Dobbs series. I’m almost finished Angel Harp by Phillips. So, I picked up my Kindle. On it I have The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The beginning was so boring. Then, the mystery itself caught my interest. I like it.

  • My wife read the first Maisie Dobbs and really enjoyed it, but couldn’t get into the second one for some reason. That said, I’d still like to try the series sometimes, but I’m a little “booked” on series right now…and your Oh, D.E.A.R. post didn’t help any, by the way ;).

  • Here is the deal. You read more in a normal week than I do in a readathon! You’ll get a chance someday. It is hard with kids. Wait until the day Daniel does the readathon with you! My daughter hung in there with me for about 16 hours, God love her. Fall never works for me, but I love the spring one.

    • The issue has never been Daniel. Theoretically I could have at least 6 hours or so away and leave him with his daddy or grandparents. I did get to do the first one after he was born more or less, but the last 3 readathons have always lined up with me traveling away, people traveling to see us, or both.

  • I thought I was going to have time to at least read a bit yesterday, too, even though it wasn’t with the readathon and I didn’t accomplish anything!

  • I did not get to read as much as I thought I would too… I putted on line… I did as many mini challenges as possible… went out to dinner…. yeah…. sigh :)