Audiobook Week approaches!

Last year, I decided I need to devote an entire week on my blog to audiobooks, mostly because I was really behind in reviewing the ones I had been listening to. Other people got interested, and it turned into a really fun week during which the blogging community celebrated the magic of audiobooks. I have had quite a few people asking if Audiobook Week would be back this year and the answer is YES! I am hosting audiobook week again this year – June 6-10 to coincide with Audiobook Month – and it will, I hope, be even more fun than last year. We also have a brand new button, feel free to grab it:

You can either right-click and save it for yourself, or use the html below:

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If you have audiobooks that need to be reviewed, I encourage you to start scheduling your reviews for that week, as there will be places to link your reviews and get them discovered by other audiobook lovers participating in Audiobook Week. There will also be daily discussion topics (to be announced in late May) and prizes for those participating. In addition, a couple other members of the planning team have some fascinating audiobook-related posts in store for you, all of which will be linked from here.

I hope to see you back here in June, loving on some audiobooks!

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32 comments to Audiobook Week approaches!

  • You know I’m in for this one! I am so behind on my audio reviews!

    • Oh my gosh, I am too. I probably have at least 3 to post before Audiobook week plus enough audios to fill that entire week already. And that’s not counting to anything I listen to between now and then!

      • Hi, there! I became a fan of audiobooks in November of last year. Since then, my husband bought me an iPod, and I have listened to more audiobooks since that time than I have in the past eight years!! I noticed that you said that you have audiobooks to review. I was curious whether these are just audiobooks that you have in your collection or whether you actually get audiobooks from publishers for review? I would LOVE to get audiobooks for review, and I am just wondering where to access them.

  • I am definitely in! I will be out of the country during this week, but will schedule everything in advance. I will have no problem filling the week with nothing but audio reviews! haha I could probably do a whole month of them if I tried…

  • I’m really interested in participating – I’ve only listened to a few audiobooks, but I want to get much more into them before my baby arrives in a couple of months – I figure it will be a way of keeping up with literature even though I have no spare hands, and if I get the right narrator, maybe it will even lull the baby to sleep! So this will be a great way of getting recommendations. Thanks for organising!

  • So excited! I had so much fun participating last year!

  • Yay Audiobook Week! Love the button.

    I’m going to miss the last couple of days but I will definitely participate as much as I can!!

  • YAY! Love the button (and yes I already grabbed it for my blog :-)

  • Amanda

    Ooh that’ll be perfect timing, since I’ll have just had four very long plane rides to spend listening to my audios!

  • I wish I could get into audio books…I just can’t!!!

    • I find a lot of people are frustrated when they first try audiobooks because they figure if they can absorb in print they can absorb with audio, and when they can’t, they think that audiobooks just aren’t for them. In my experience, listening to a book is a whole different sort of literacy, and it requires training one’s brain in much the same as learning to read initially does. I talk about it a lot in the guest post I wrote for Recorded Books before Audiobook Week last year.

  • Yay – I’m so excited that you’re doing this again!

  • I’m so glad you decided to do this again. Am really looking forward to it! (Love the graphic, btw)

  • Oh yay! I can’t wait to play along. I’ll be listening up a storm until then.

  • Awesome – I am in for sure!

  • Beth F

    Sounds like fun.

  • I really need to plan ahead and start something now. Sounds great.

  • Bob

    I am very excited about Audiobook week. May has been a crazy month for me, blog-wise, running my Zombie Audiobbok theme, and the whole BEA thing for the first time, it will be nice to get back to what I like most, Talking about audiobooks.

    I would love to help out in any way. I have a couple of interviews with narrators that I am trying to peg down, plus, I may hold back on a few of my reviews so I can post one a day for audiobook week. I currently have around 70 audiobook reviews on my blog for 2011, and average 3-4 a week, so I think that is doable.

    Thanks for doing this,

    Bob from The Guilded Earlobe.

    • Wow, I am impressed you get through that many audiobooks. I hope you’ll share about your listening habits during Audiobook Week, I’m sure the rest of us could use some tips.

  • Pam

    I will be there!

  • Oh I am so looking forward to this – I have 4 audios currently ready for review and an idea for an audio post and an audio giveaway…. I love this :)

  • This looks wonderful! I try to “read” an audiobook per week, so I’ll strive for an extra one (at least). And I agree with you that listening is a different skill than reading, and that some genres may be more amenable to the former than the latter (and vice-versa).
    I’m looking forward to next week, and I’ll be back!
    p.s. We just started a ning called, and given your recent posts, I’m thinking you might enjoy it. I’ll definitely announce your AudioBook Week there too!

  • Count me in! I’ve grabbed the logo. Kathy

  • Audio books just don’t work for me. But I have a copy of The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova (audio edition) to give away. I loved the book. I will be posting the giveaway on June 25th. I thought you or your fellow enthusiasts might want to know about it. Looks like you’re going to have a good week, and month too.

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