Spring has sprung?

I’m very hesitant to talk about winter being over and spring arriving in Chicago when it is only March – we could very well have an April blizzard – but it definitely seems that we are moving in the right direction. Remember this picture from about 6 weeks ago?

Yeah, all that snow is completely gone. Not even the odd patch in the shade. Actually, Daniel is pretty sad about that. We keep hearing “snow all gone!” He loved to stomp it, so I guess now he’ll have to stick with stomping grass and, when we aren’t looking, grandma’s flowers. He has loved the fact that the 50-70 degree weather this week has prompted us to take him to the park, he is such a fiend for slides that it might help him forget about the lack of stompable snow.

Today is still very spring like, but we’re being treated to the 50 and rainy part of spring. Since hubby and his father and brother are off to a beer and bacon tasting event, I think Daniel and I are just going to sort of hang out today, take it easy: play, read, nap.

Very surprisingly with the nice weather this week, I’ve actually had a fabulous reading week already. Not only did I read a ton, I loved most of it, and at least enjoyed the rest. Here’s what I finished this week:

Definitely some good reviews to look forward to! You’ll see one or two of them in the next week. And, actually, you’ll see some of them reviewed right now, because two of them are among the books I reviewed last week. Here are all of them (covers link to reviews):

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9 comments to Spring has sprung?

  • It’s definitely spring here – we had quite a thunderstorm, complete with hail, yesterday.

  • We are getting a taste of spring weather and my kids are loving it. I took them to the park yesterday and although it was still a bit chilly from the wind, they loved it! It is thunderstorming today though so I’m thinking that a lazy Sunday is in order. What a great week of reading you had! I really want to read Angelology myself…I’ll have to check out your review!

  • I have definitely been out of touch lately…need to go back and look at some of those reviews. I am happy you all are finally getting some warmer weather, but as you know down here we are almost wishing for the 60’s and 70’s, after seeing high 80’s lately.

  • I know. I would love to say that it is spring here, too, but you never know what can happen! Great reading week, though!

  • We got spring here too. Yesterday it was in the 80s. Think by next week I will have to break down and throw the air conditioner on.

  • I see spring here today, and I am very happy about it — of course that means it will snow next week :)

  • You had such a good reading week! You are having the same weather I am having in Minnesota – 50’s and a bit of rain but good bye snow and I am sooooo HAPPY!

  • brrr and I love the baby animal book!

  • Spring is trying to sprung here, though it’s colder than it’s been in a while and raining like crazy. What great reading, lucky girl.