TSS: Email Apocalypse

Over the past couple of months, there has been a lot of talk about inbox zero on Twitter. Whenever anyone has gotten there, I have felt extremely covetous. Then, just a couple of days ago, a couple of my favorite tweeters talked about their gmail accounts being slower than they should be because they had thousands upon thousands of emails in the inbox, unarchived. In the aftermath of that, Michelle archived absolutely everything. I used to make a point of keeping my gmail inbox to a single page, labeling and archiving things when they went beyond that point. After Daniel was born, though, this became an exercise in futility, it was enough just to have to answer emails. In the last year and 1/2, my organization and archiving has been haphazard, which left me with 5,000 emails sitting in my inbox.

Yesterday, I finally gave in and decided to organize. Initially I was going page by page labeling and deleting and archiving, but it was taking entirely too long, so I just deleted the junk sitting around in my inbox – so much junk that I actually deleted 30% of all of my emails (size-wise, not necessarily number wise) – and simply archived all the rest, unlabeled. Once I finished, I took care of some of my starred email and unstarred/archived them, so I am now down to 5 starred emails and 5 general emails in my inbox. It is really sort of amazing, now not only is my inbox only one page, it even fits on my netbook screen without scrolling or resizing. Now I’m crossing my fingers that I can actually KEEP it under control.

Anyway, you’re here about books, not email, so here’s what I read this past week:

You’ll see those last two books showing up this coming week.

Before I review what I reviewed this week, I wanted to point you to a short post on my tumblr: Book Bloggers and Indie Bookstores: Two Great Tastes, Better Together about the success of one of my ‘staff picks’ in The Bookstore’s February newsletter.

Without further ado, this week’s reviews:

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10 comments to TSS: Email Apocalypse

  • I have very few of my emails archived so my inbox is a total mess. I need a personal assistant!

  • My emails are an absolute disaster. I tend to star things and then not actually reply to them for ages; it seems that shoving them in front of my face doesn’t help my strange procrastination habits when it comes to email! I need to take a day and do what you did.

  • I have two email accounts and my gmail account isn’t the primary so I don’t even look at it. I’m scared to think what’s in there. (I have everything from there forwarded to my main account. I’m sure it’s a mess there though.)

  • Ash

    I’ve honestly never given much thought to deleting my email, but I also don’t have 1000’s in my inbox right now. I have 987… hmmm, maybe I should go through those. That can be a summer project.

    I’m starting I Is An Other today, hope it was good!

  • About once a month, I go through and try to zero my inbox. I usually don’t get there, but I do get pretty close (usually about 10 or 15). My problem is I get too many notifications from applications that I need to learn to block…and sites and groups to which I no longer belong. For example, recently I discovered that I’m still getting e-mails for a discussion group on Shelfari, which I haven’t been in on at least a year. I need to go take myself off that list.

  • Cheers to cleaning our our inboxes! I feel so much better this week.

  • I had mine down to only emails needing an action or response in the fall. Now it’s back up in the five-hundreds. You’ve inspired me, though. Off to start filtering as much as possible… archive, archive, archive!

  • Oh, I know! My email inbox! I get to 0 every now and then but it doesn’t last long. There’s about 20 now, so I can live with that.

    I loved I is An Other and look forward to your review. I read Genome years ago, but I don’t think I got to the end. I loved the first chapters a lot, though.

  • Happy Monday honey! I didn’t see this until now :)

  • I did this last week with one of my email accounts and felt so rewarded. Never mind that the other one is the more disorganized one. I did bring the unread count to zero in the latter one, but if I start archiving the conversations there, I doubt I’ll be done even by the end of the year. Though I sure wish I could at least start doing it.

    Congrats on taming your inbox – it always feels so awesome conquering the email, doesn’t it?