The Sunday Salon – Nonfiction

This past week was all about nonfiction here on the blog. I’ve been missing nonfiction lately, feeling like I’m not reading enough, so on Monday I announced my intention to read more this year. I also got some great recommendations from all of you. This week I reviewed four works of nonfiction. Two in print:

And two in audio:

I have at least four works of nonfiction on the docket for February as well:

Plus, I’ll be reading some fairy tale crit, but probably not any whole works.


I had a pretty productive reading week this week as well:

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11 comments to The Sunday Salon – Nonfiction

  • Can’t wait to read your review of 13 rue Therese. Sounds great!

  • Ooh, I have She-Wolves too and I am really looking forward to it! The previous book I read by Helen Castor, War and Roses, was really fabulous, so I’m expecting great things.

  • Good week! I am not a huge nonfiction fan, but I’m anxious to hear your thoughts. I have 13 rue Therese in my TBR pile.

  • I keep seeing these Maisie Dobbs books everywhere. My wife did read the first one and enjoyed it; the second one, not as much. I guess I need to check it out here soon…meaning sometime this year, I will. :)

  • Amy

    That’s funny, I wrote about non-fiction this week too. :-) Inventing George Washington is on my list and I’ll need to look into She-Wolves too.

  • 13 Rue Therese and She-Wolves are both on my shelves patiently waiting for me. You KNow When the Men Are Gone was brilliant and reminded me just how much I do enjoy short stories. I am quite a Maisie Dobbs fan. You have a lovely selection of books. Enjoy!

  • I was just noticing that I’ve been on a non-fiction kick lately too. Two books in a row in fact with two more lined up for February. I am feeling the urge to read something lighter though, so I have a feeling March may be a heavy YA month for me!

  • I’m not the biggest non-fiction reader but usually give anything a go! Ok, I am wanting to read more this year but find I’m so distracted with other things. How do you find time to read? Do you have kids, a housekeeper, lol?


    • I have a toddler, a full-time job, and a fledgling business. No housekeeper. It is about making reading a priority and always having book immediately handy for those occasions when there is time to read. Audiobooks also increase my available reading time (car, cleaning, cooking).