My First Sunday Salon of 2011!

Hello friends! I had a great time mostly unplugged over Christmas, reading pretty much whatever I wanted, and that pattern has continued over the past week. Although I am currently reading two books for review, everything I read last week was either a TBR book or from the library, it was quite lovely. I think my decision not to review more than 3 books per week which were sent to me for the purpose of review is a good one.

Here are the books I picked up this week:

By the way, I am reading Maisie Dobbs for the Book Club Girl readathon, we’re reading one of the books every two weeks in preparation for the release of the newest book this March. The first discussion is Friday, January 14th and they are quick reads, so there is still time to join in the fun!

In addition to talking about my goals for 2011, and the “A Tale of Two Cities” readalong that Nicole and I started, I also posted a giveaway for Julie Hyzy’s “Buffalo West Wing” and reviewed some great books:

11 comments to My First Sunday Salon of 2011!

  • I love the cover for Original Sins. That would fit right in with my reading of Wide Sargasso Sea. A loot of the books I have been reading all seem to fit in with each other lately. It’s interesting.

  • I have a goal to read Diana Gabaldon this year…. she has been on my radar a long time.

  • I read Maisie Dobbs recently too and am looking forward to the read-along. I’m glad your January plans are working well for you so far!

  • My wife really enjoyed the first Maisie Dobbs, but she wasn’t able to get into the second one as much, she told me. However, she said she’ll give it a try another time. I want to read the first one too, but have other reading “commitments” at this time.

  • Kay

    I read the first Maisie Dobbs book a couple of years ago, but never continued the series. Think I’ll try to do that this year, but maybe not as fast as the read-along is planning. I also want to go through the Diana Gabaldon books. This is another series that I’ve read the first book (twice actually), but didn’t continue. Sigh. So many books. LOL

  • You picked great reads for yourself..I need to read my copy of Maisie too!

  • Dragonfly in Amber is one of my all-time favorite books. Picks up right after Outlander and is wonderful. I think it may be my favorite in the series.
    Your “Sheep” choice looks like one I’ll have to read. I love the Sheep books! Sheep Out To Eat was always one of my kids’ favorites.

    Thank you for reviewing mine, too!

  • great week! You seem very happy! xo

  • Pam

    Oh how FUN! I haven’t read any but my mom LOVES Maisie Dobbs. She’s been trying to get me to read the books for years. I have the first one on my shelf and I think I might need to pick it up and get on the series before the new one comes out. Enjoy your reading!

  • I have been meaning to read Maisie Dobbs for the longest time. I haven’t signed up for the readalong because there is no way I could read a book every two weeks, but it has inspired me to at least reborrow the first book from the library again.