Bloggiesta, Ole!

This weekend is the 4th session of Bloggiesta!

Basically, it is a weekend-long challenge to work on whatever needs to be worked on on your blog, hosted by Natasha at Maw Books.

I have a big list of stuff I want to do. Not much will get done today until after Daniel goes to bed, because I have a lot of paying work to do, but I’m hoping that someone else is taking Daniel to the children’s museum tomorrow so I can have a nice day of Bloggiesta-ing and eating chips and salsa.

Here’s my task list, I’ll try to cross things off as I finish them:

  • Write at least one D.E.A.R. post
  • Write a review
  • Write a review
  • Write a review
  • Write a review
  • Apply to the National Book Critics Circle
  • Create some posts for What’s Old is New
  • Update my review tracking sheet
  • Email publishers whose books were mentioned in the last What’s Old is New podcast
  • Email the next author for What’s Old is New to set up a recording date
  • Work on a guest blog for the Heroine Love extravaganza
  • Create a new header image
  • Fix 15 pages of tags and categories
  • Email publisher about a potential What’s Old is New show
  • Write Saturday Story Spotlight post
  • Write Saturday Story Spotlight post
  • Write Saturday Story Spotlight post
  • Secret project task1
  • Secret project task 2
  • Clean out Twitter followers
  • AudioFile review
  • Add spreadsheet page for pitches
  • Add (and add to) spreadsheet page for ebooks
  • Physical book organization
  • What’s Old is New podcast

I actually have about 10 reviews to write, so hopefully I can get ALL of them done, in addition to this other stuff. I also plan to explore some of the mini-challenges, in hopes of improving my own procedures. In particular I want to check out:

By the way, in case you need it, I’m hosting a mini-challenge on Google Forms.

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