What’s Old is New – Jane Eyre

For those of you who missed the earlier announcement, I have been working on a new podcast project with Nicole called What’s Old is New where we look at enduring works of classic literature. One way we measure that a classic has endured, and one thing we talk about on the blog, is if it informs modern works of literature, whether they are reinterpretations, or whether they simply take inspiration from the original. Our first episode covered Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” and we’re currently finishing up a show on “Sherlock Holmes,” which will be live on December 13th.

Next up, “Jane Eyre!”

I’ve got some great historical fiction about Charlotte Bronte lined up, plus a reread of “The Thirteenth Tale,” (and “Jane Eyre” itself, of course) but if you have any must reads on “Jane Eyre,” let me know! I’m interested in historical fiction, reimaginings, or really interesting lit crit.

Get in touch with me here or on the What’s Old is New tumblr. Email, comments, anything goes!

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