TSS: The Goose is Getting Fat

Christmas is less than a week away! Eek! We finally have 90% of our presents, although no stocking stuffers. Nothing is wrapped, though, and we don’t have a single decoration up, except these on both big bookshelves, and those are, um, left over from last Christmas.

Guess what my husband will be doing this week? He teaches high school, so he’ll be home during the day. I think we may stick with just a tree and lights.

I’ll be sharing my Christmas break reading pile on Wednesdays, but I’ve already got a head start, because this week showed an upswing in reading over last week. Of course, my numbers are a bit misleading, because most of these books I was already reading last week or even earlier. Here’s what I finished:



This was a full week of posting, too. In addition to 4 reviews and a Saturday Story Spotlight, I also announced BOOK CLUB, my newest joint venture with Nicole from Linus’s Blanket. Speaking of Nicole, our second episode of What’s Old is New went up this week, in case you want a good podcast to listen to as you work on Christmas preparations. Anyway, here’s what I reviewed (covers link to reviews):

Some of the above books may have been provided to me for review.

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