The King’s Daughter by Christie Dickason – Book Review

The King’s Daughter by Christie Dickason
Published by Harper Paperbacks, an imprint of Harper Collins

Feared by and fearful of her father, James I of England, life as a princess is not easy for Elizabeth Stuart. The biggest issue for her is that of her future marriage. A princess being married where is most beneficial for her country is nothing new, but Elizabeth is afraid that she will continue to be promised and have her betrothals snatched away again until it is too late for her, just as Henry VIII did to his daughter Mary before his death, and just like the game played by Elizabeth I. When Elizabeth’s incredibly distant mother sends her the ‘gift’ of a slave girl of African descent, it seems that Elizabeth may have actually found someone with whom she can discuss her unhappiness. Thalia realizes, as no one else does, that in some ways, Elizabeth is as much a slave as she is and that the two young women can help one another.

I have always tended to avoid historical fiction that focuses on James I, and “The King’s Daughter” definitely convinced me that I had been right to do so, because James came across as a bad king, and a worse person. Elizabeth, however, was a fascinating and well-realized character. “The King’s Daughter” was always easy to pick up, and I found that 50 or more pages had gone past every time I did so.

The only thing that I really did not like about “The King’s Daughter” was Dickason’s decision to occasionally tell a story from the point of view of James, Thalia, or Elizabeth’s beloved brother Henry. I would not have minded a few chapters from Thalia’s point of view, particularly if there had been more chapters and it had seemed a more deliberate decision. To have James and Henry narrate scattered chapters, however, simply felt like lazy storytelling in an otherwise very engaging book. I would have preferred that she found a way to tell the reader what she wanted me import about Henry and James through the action of the book.

Overall a book I truly enjoyed reading and an interesting look at the reign of James I. Recommended.

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