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This was sort of an odd week, reading-wise. I felt like most of the reading I was doing was moving really slowly – not bad books, just things I couldn’t get through quickly – to the point that it was really sort of aggravating. On the other hand, I had two books (“Life After Yes” and “The Bucolic Plague”) where I was so captivated by the narrative voice that I simply refused to put it down and finished the entire book in a single day. Although still impressive, “Life After Yes” was finished by reading off and on all day last Sunday. “The Bucolic Plague,” though, I started Friday night after getting home from a fabulous day I’ll talk about soon and then dinner with the in-laws and after Daniel was put to bed. I started it at 7:30 and read the entire 300 pages in what was, essentially, one sitting (I got up to stretch my legs a couple of times, but that was it).

But really, Friday was just a fabulous bookish day in general. First of all, my first blogging buddy, the lovely Jennifer from Literate Housewife, who will always hold a special place in my heart, was in town for work and to visit her sister, so we got to spend most of the day together. To make things even more bookishly awesome, Danielle, our main publicity contact at Sourcebooks, a publisher in the Western suburbs of Chicago, was gracious enough to spend 30 or 40 minutes showing us around Sourcebooks, along with Beth another great publicity person at Sourcebooks. We got to see the building and sit and chat with Danielle and Beth about books, blogging, and Sourcebooks, and it was absolutely fabulous.

Me, Danielle, Beth, Jennifer

And of course, what book blogger visit to the greater Chicagoland area would be complete without me dragging said book blogger to one of my very favorite places, The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn? Sadly Margie was out of town, but we did get to spend some quality time with Sue, who was working alone while we were there. We even had the chance to help some customers, one who told me that The Bookstore needed to hire me to work there, and another who assumed they already had.

I suppose between my awesome day Friday and two books good enough to be consumed in the course of a day, this was on balance a terrific week, as far as books go, even if I did have some minor reading stagnation. Here’s what I finished this week:

You’ve already seen reviews of the first two last week. “Coop” and “The Bucolic Plague” will show up next week in my theme week, Harvest Week, which you will hear more about tomorrow. I’ll be doing another theme week in early December focusing¬† on some recent releases from Algonquin Books, one of my favorite publishers. That’s still a couple of weeks away, though, so let’s get back to what I posted over the last week, in case you missed anything. Covers link to the post:

Happy Thanksgiving this week to all of my American readers!

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  • You are so good with themes! Which means you are organized (and I am not!). And how cool to meet up with Jennifer! She is so much fun. She was my first blogger that I met in real life, and we talked for hours like we had always known each other. Overall sounds like a great week.

  • I’m sure you and Jennifer had a major gush fest! I’ve had the chance to get together with her several times and she is just and awesome person! I wish I could have joined y’all!

  • Looks like you caught the imprint bug from @bethfishreads! I know she’s mentioned her big plans for showcasing Algonquin and Pamela Dorman in the upcoming year on twitter a lot over the past several months. Also, looks like you had a fabulous time with Jennifer. I always adore when I can spend time with book and blogging buddies in person.

    • She definitely started it for me with the Amy Einhorn perpetual challenge! I like doing these week-long showcases because they are a good chance for me to make an excuse to get to all the great books I have from that publisher/imprint that I’ve wanted to read. I knew that @bethfishreads wanted to do something for Pamela Dorman books, but I didn’t realize she was going to do Algonquin as well. They definitely deserve the coverage!

  • I am sure you and Jennifer had a great time!

  • How cool that you got to spend time with Jennifer! Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. :)

  • I bet you had a great day with Jennifer at the bookstore. Lucky you! Glad to see that I have picked imprints that have universal appeal. Algonquin has published some fabulous books.

    • I had no idea you had Algonquin coming up until Michelle mentioned it! At least we our features aren’t too similar (yours are real features, mine just sort of grouped reviews). Algonquin deserves all the attention we can give them!

  • I loved this post — and this day you and Jennifer, etc, had all together. That photo of you all is absolutely charming at Sourcebooks! I really look forward to your blog every day :) Thank you!

  • Jen sounds like you had a great time. Wasn’t Sourcebooks great? I got to meet Danielle when I was there in August. I Loved hearing all about the bull. I am hoping to make it to your bookstore next summer when I am in town. Sounds like a cute bookstore.

  • You did have a great bookish week! My First Thanksgiving was one of my kids fav Thanksgiving books. We’ve still got it and I can’t wait to read it to grandchildren.