The Sunday Salon – Did I Tell You…?

Oh my friends, I have a bunch of things that I’ve been meaning to tell you and keep failing to do so.

The first thing I’m way late on sharing – over two weeks late, actually. That thing is a new podcast I am doing with Nicole from Linus’ Blanket. Called “What’s Old is New,” this podcast is a chance for Nicole and I to explore classic literature and the reinterpretations of that literature by modern authors. For example, in our first podcast we covered “Frankenstein” and chatted with Joanne Rendell, author of “Out of the Shadows,” then talked about some other Frankenstein-inspired works. Actually, we could use your help (besides listening to the podcast, which we hope you will). If you are aware of any upcoming reimaginings of classic literature coming up in the first half of 2011, please pop over to our latest post and let us know for a preview show we’re currently putting together.

The next thing I wanted to mention is the return of Thankfully Reading Weekend. Thankfully Reading is a very low-key event. Just read as much or as little as you are able over Thanksgiving weekend. You can post about your progress as many or as few times as you desire, use this time to catch up on challenges and review commitments or relax and pick up that book you’ve been dying to read. Just read what you can and be thankful! Although it is only Thanksgiving weekend in the US, everyone the world over is welcomed to this event with open arms. The main festivities will occur over at Jenn’s Bookshelves, where you can indicate your interest in joining on a Mr. Linky. Candace from Beth Fish Reads and I will both have things going on on our blogs as well, but you’ll have to pop back that weekend to see what is happening!

Whew! Now that I’ve shared those things, I can talk about my reading week. I was sort of surprised to find that I’d finished 4 books, because it seemed during the week that my reading was going incredibly slowly. Part of that is that we had people coming over Friday and spent most of Thursday evening running errands and getting ready for our company, so I didn’t read much either of those nights until late. But when I realize that I fell asleep at 7:30 on Wednesday and 8:30 on Saturday, four books (including one audio) suddenly seems like a pretty good accomplishment. Anyway, here’s what I got through:



You’ll see “The Red Thread” and “The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove” coming back next week in reviews. Speaking of reviews, here’s what I posted last week (covers link to reviews):

I also had a great guest post titled ‘Books Guaranteed To Put Me To Sleep” from Lauren Grodstein, author of the fabulous “A Friend of the Family.” All of you who have trouble sleeping should check it out.

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8 comments to The Sunday Salon – Did I Tell You…?

  • I will have to check that podcast out! I’ve been a lurker over at Linus’ (and here, too, sorta), so that’s just a great match. I love that a lot of fellow teachers love to pair classic literature with modern literature. I have lists and lists and lists going…

  • So weird. I just woke up this morning thinking, “wasn’t there some thing last year where we all read books over Thanksgiving?” and then BAM I see it in your Sunday Salon.

    We really might be sisters…

  • I wonder if I can beg off going to the in-laws for Thanksgiving by saying that I’m meant to be doing a read-a-thon?!

  • Crap–I forgot about Thankfully Reading! I think I will have too much going on that weekend so I doubt I will be able to participate. Bummer!

  • Could you do some re-written fairy tales for “What’s Old is New”? I can’t think of recent re-doings at the moment, but I always think those are fun.

    • I do think those could count, for our ‘upcoming’ shows, at least. Will have to keep my eyes open, “My Mother She Killed Me” might be a notable mention, even though it was 2010.

  • I’m excited for Thankfully Reading over next weekeend. I know I’ll likey procrastinate some of the time away but hope to get some really good bookish time in.